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3 Aug 2010
We've all seen graffiti in toilets. Some is crude, unimaginative, and mainly reliant on swearing. That is not what this thread is for. No, sometimes you see something a cut above the average and I want to see it.

To get the ball rolling i present to you the mighty Bogtopus:

Link for massive 12MP version.

Obviously the trick here is finding something postable. Other sections of the same wall had some real gems, but they're a shade too off colour for me to post. wink.gif
4 Mar 2006
Eight years ago (although you may not now believe it) I had a full time job and, because my expenses were minimal at the time, some money to spend on extravagances. At the time I worked for a company which specialised in the monitoring of undersea pipelines for corrosion. Since this company largely worked on survey ships all over the world their computer equipment would take one hell of a beating while being shipped around the world.

Having sent out many different systems we ended up useing one particular manufacturer for the monitors because theirs would put up with unspeakable abuse, yet keep on working. In one particular case we had one which took a forklift through it's case, but still worked. This was at the time that 19" monitors were first appearing.

Since I'd seen at first hand their indestructability I purchased an Iiyama Vision Master 450 19" monitor.

Fast forward 8 years. This beastie has been working faultlessly all this time with no more sign of wear than discolouration of the case. Today a mishap sent milk directly over the electron guns. I screamed "pull the power cable out," as the coils shorted, and went to the pub in a fury because my TV, stereo, games system, and connectivity (my computer is seriously expanded) had just gone down in a visible burst of plasma. Imagine my suprise when on getting home I tried to power things up to check that the computer itself hadn't been pulsed to shit and, not only did the monitors power light come on but, the only sign of abuse was that the stored settings for graphics modes were lost after drying out.

Buy Iiyama - they simply refuse to die, no matter how much abuse they take.
10 Nov 2005
For those who don't know, my employment is of the half-arsed nature due to my hatred of full time work. Recently (for the second time) the newsagent in which I casionally lurk has changed hands. The new owners, not to put too fine a point on it, seem to be taking the piss.

Since they have come on the scene I have been subject to mysteriously expanding hours - on Monday a 10:00 to 5:00 at the latest shift becoming 10:00 to 20:30 with no breaks - calls to come in for the morning after 23:00, and payment of 30p per hour under minimum wage on a cash in hand basis. Now, as a more than commonly expectedly together chap with an inherent governmental distrust, at the age of 18 I contracted out of the state pension so as to have a portion of my taxes payed to a private pension instead of relying on a state pension which is unlikely to really exist by the time I could claim it. As a result I like to keep at least a smidgen of National Insurance being paid in the hopes of a few groats in my senescence. Obviously this is not gong to be happening as things stand. Due to my curmudgeonly nature and my few morals being very firmly set this is not acceptable to me, and I have come to the decision that I will simply walk out, particularly because they chose to insult my intelligence by lying to me about how sly payments would cost them more than paying me a legitimate wage with the concommittant NI and income tax payments would, and that I'm lucky to be getting 4.75 an hour when I should actually get an absolute minimum of 5.05 by law.

My question is how best I should go about making sure I get paid the money currently owed to me and, more importantly, how to absolutely crucify them for stealing from me, impoverishing me in my old age, endangering my health with illegal working hours, and generally pissing me right off. Obviously I shall be calling in every legal weapon in my armoury, but any suggestions would be most helpful.
26 Jan 2005
Due to the size of the forum database and the restrictive nature of most hosts getting this working again has taken rather a lot of work for me. Having spent the last two days - I repeat, the last two bastard days - rebuilding the databases by hand I may get a little tetchy about complaints of missing posts or anomolies. Those expressing annoyance will be hunted like dogs!

Also I will be taking the board offline again tomorrow for an hour or so for a software upgrade.
16 Dec 2004
So, how do people feel about Big-Blunkett resigning?

Are you dancing at the end of Big Brothers greatest exponent, or do you fear that his policies on public scrutinisation will lead to greater terrorism with their demise?
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