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17 May 2008
So basically I figure if I post about this here and talk about it some then it may be easier to deal with and I wont go over the edge. So any advice you can give me or anything would be appreciated.

Alright, to give you the scoop:

A little over a year ago my dad filed for divorce, it has dragged on and on and I really wish they could just settle it so I wouldn't be stuck in this anymore. So my dad filed and then it turned into 'well he took money from the joint account and I want half of it' according to my mother, so they had to get an accountant. no wait, correction, my dad had to pay for an accountant. Well my mother (Lindy) didn't turn in a bunch of the paperwork to the accountant so the report isn't complete but it was turned in anyway. On top of that Lindy is fighting to get half of everything, even things that are clearly my dad's property. Add to all this that Lindy won over 3/4 of a million dollars in 2005 and didn't do her taxes that year, or for 2006 when she won an additional 63,000 dollars at another casino and I dont think she did the taxes for 2007 either and even though my dad filed 'married filing seperately' he may still be held accountable for the taxes that were never paid and because Lindy has no money may get screwed. Now, they have joint custody of my 16 year old sister so Lindy can spend time with her but she lives with my dad and myself at the moment, much to her distress apparently. My sister wants to live with Lindy but Lindy can't support her so I dont know what she's going to do especially considering the next part of this...

Alright so I'm trying to help my dad out during this divorce thing but am also trying to help take care of my sister who is now, for the second time, preggers. She was preggers in Nov./Dec. last year and had an abortion at the end of Dec. solving that for then. well they gave her birth control which she took from mid Jan. to mid Feb. Somehow she conceived again the begining or so of Feb. even through she was on birth control and swears that her and her little boy toy used condoms every time. She's decided to keep it and is trying to figure out how to do this on her own when she's only 16 and is more irresponsible then most 10 year olds I know. She's got an attitude problem anyway but add on pregnancy and she's really a pain. She cant drive so she expects me to drive her everywhere she needs to go and supply her with her every want and need because my dad has told her he cant afford to. Well I cant afford to either which is my next issue that's making this whole thing that much worse....

So I've got stupid parents, a pregnant 16 year old sister, and now I cant find a job no matter how hard I try. I've been trying to find a job for about 3 months now, I have a good resume and more experience then a lot of 18 year olds and I still cant find a job. Part of it may be that the job market is really bad right now but it cant all be that and I cant for the life of me figure out what I'm doing wrong. So I'm broke and still trying to help out with all sorts of stuff, a lot of which includes driving, which needs gas, which costs money, which I don't have!

What in the world is a girl to do?

If you've read this all the way through thank you and I hope I made sense. any advise or anything is much appreciated.

25 Nov 2003
well I'm in school in my computer class... and its boring.... lol... so how is everyone today? are any of you also on durring a class?
6 Nov 2003
Happy Birthday Liz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *grins* happy happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!! biggrin.gif laugh.gif tongue.gif

Happy B-day Liz! biggrin.gif

Hope you have a great B-day! and get lots of cake.... and presents....... and hugs.... *hugs*

and here's a Birthday cake just for you! tongue.gif

28 Oct 2003
Cheese/Jon is a goof ball! all who agree feel free to say so here... biggrin.gif laugh.gif talk and have fun! biggrin.gif
21 Oct 2003
I got in trouble today for being on the internet in computer class! go me! I'm all happy cause I never get in trouble so it was fun.... biggrin.gif laugh.gif
so here's what happened.... I was in computers and I was doing my work and I was on the internet checking in on here when my teacher came around and saw that I had the internet minamised at the bottom of the screen.... he clicked on it and asked what it was.... I kinda just sat there... then he told me to close it... so I did.... lol.... it was funny! then Ted got introuble too because he was doing the same thing.... so yeah... it was interesting.... happy.gif

anybody else ever had this type of thing happen to them? wink.gif
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