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'Trouble Down Pit' now online!
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Southern UK
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animating, design, wing chun kung fu, tai chi, painting, cyberpunk novels, writing my PhD thesis.
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22 Apr 2017
In case anyone ever comes here any more, here are some things I'm doing now:

http://www.copperstonesea.com is my consultancy and training company giving specialist advice and workshops on narrative design and video game design. I also use it to publicise my public speaking, which I do rather a lot of around the world.

I'm writing a book about interface and interaction design for video games.

I was promoted to Professor of Creative and Entertainment Video Games at my university in the Netherlands... But that was two years ago, so not exactly recent news!

I'm working on a few new games, with one that I'm making mostly by myself. Whether any of those will be publicly available, I don't know, but it's a lot of fun to do.

With all of these things, sadly I had to let Trouble Down Pit slide from it's usual updates. I kept it running twice a week for eight years, so I think that's pretty good going!

I'm also engaged to be married biggrin.gif

If you're here, thanks for coming back, and I'd love to hear what you're up to smile.gif
24 Sep 2015
If you're an old member and still want to find old friends, some of us migrated over to a Facebook group here:


If you'd like to see what I'm up to and get updates, I also post my webcomics and various creative projects here:


See you around!
1 Nov 2014
Hi all!

Happy Halloween to you all. It's time for a new story! biggrin.gif

In this email:

* 7:43pm: A short ghost story
* Mata's other things!
* Fragments of Him - a video game by Mata
* Follow Mata on Twitter
* Matazone on Facebook
* End notes


--7:43pm: A short ghost story--

This year I decided to go for the very direct method of telling my Halloween story... Just telling the story! I hope you like it smile.gif


Pass it on to your friends if you enjoy it!

(Sorry for sending this a day late!)


--Mata's other things!--

My webcomic updates twice every week and now has been running for eight years! If you're not reading it regularly then you've got a lot of catching up to do!


I write about games development occasionally too:


I also paint things when I'm not ridiculously busy...



--Fragments of Him - a video game by Mata--

You might remember that last year I collaborated with some other game developers to make a little emotional narrative game called Fragments of Him. We're working on turning this into a full movie-length game at the moment and it will be released in 2015.

You can see the trailer for it here:


And visit the website for it here:


The story is about the final morning of a man that dies in an accident, and how the people left behind find meaning and consolation from the love they shared during his brief life... It's not your usual video game!

We're all very excited about the project. I look forward to sharing more about it next year.


--Follow Mata on Twitter--

I do the tweeting thing. It's mostly about video games, culture, anti-sexism and pro-diversity awareness. It also has some terrible jokes occasionally, but mostly that other stuff:



--Matazone on Facebook--

There's this new-fangled doofer called Facebook. If you happen to be on there, you might want to follow the Matazone group to get updates about comics, paintings, and generally cool stuff:



--End notes--

It's been an odd year. I've travelled to New York, San Francisco, Denmark, Germany, the UK, and across the Netherlands, mostly talking about tolerance and diversity in video games content, development, and culture. I hope to continue to talk about empathy and understanding in the future too, because there are frankly too many arguments about games at the moment, and they really can be a brilliant complement to the other media in our lives.

My work at NHTV University is keeping me very busy, so making Fragments of Him is proving to be a welcome difference of pace. By this time next year I will be able to review the results of the seeds of change that are currently everywhere in my life. As always it seems, I'm living in interesting times.

I have to say, that even though life is ridiculously busy and sometimes rather stressful, I'm genuinely rather happy with things at the moment. There are tough bits, and conflicts occasionally, but it feels like it's worthwhile. Teaching is a great thing to do: I love inspiring people to do awesome stuff!

So, I hope you have a great year, please jump onto the Facebook group and comment on posts - I'd love to hear from you all!

Greetings from the Netherlands!

Have fun!

31 Oct 2013
Hi all!

Happy Halloween to you all. It's time for a new animation! biggrin.gif

In this email:

* Late Night Food - a one minute horror story
* Oil paintings by Mata!
* Games design and narrative design blog
* Follow Mata on Twitter
* Matazone on Facebook
* Webcomic!
* End notes


--Late Night Food - a one minute horror story--

This year I decided to challenge myself to tell a horror story in less than one
hundred words and in less than one minute. You can see the result here:


You can read another less-than-100-words horror story on my comic here:


If you like these then please pass them on!


--Oil paintings by Mata!--

I know what you're thinking: 'Mata never seems to do anything creative, why
doesn't he get a hobby that lets him express himself instead of being such a shy
and retiring person', well, think this no more! ;D


I'm currently getting ready for the first exhibition of my oil paintings. I'm
very excited about it!


--Games design and narrative design blog--

This is rarely updated, but if you like video games, you might like to read


There does seem to be a general trend at in my thinking at the moment towards
looking at the representation of gender and sexuality in games. If you're
interested in modern Feminism and gaming then there will probably be things
turning up on there that you like.


--Follow Mata on Twitter--

I've also finally succumbed and joined Twitter. If you want to keep track of
news about Matazone things then you can follow me on Twitter:



--Matazone on Facebook--

There's this new-fangled doofer called Facebook. If you happen to be on there,
you might want to follow the Matazone group to get updates about comics,
paintings, and generally cool stuff:




Trouble Down Pit is seven years old and going strong! There are new comics twice
every week. There's rarely any running story, so jump right in and get reading!


Of course, if you find one you like, how about sharing it with your friends?


--End notes--

Another year has gone by... It all seems to happen so quickly! It's been a
rather mixed year, but the general trend is upwards. I'm very excited about the
exhibition in December. Follow the Facebook group if you'd like to hear more
about that over the next few weeks!

Of course, please pass on these links to any of your friends who you think will
be interested via Facebook, Twitter, and whatever other things you may use smile.gif

It's a busy world for me at the moment. Onwards into the future, see you online!

Have fun!

11 May 2013
So, I made a game with a couple of friends in 72 hours:


You'll need to install Unity if you don't have it. Also, it might be a bit heavy on your processor, so I apologise for the framerate if you're on an old machine.

Please rate it! You can log in with Facebook!

There's more information about it on my name games blog:


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