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> Family, What's yours like?
post Nov 11 2004, 04:37 PM
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Shut up, noob!

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I've been thinking a lot about my family, immediate and extended, a lot lately. I'm not sure why. We're all completely insane and we all admit it. I love my family and it has always been inportant to me. I just wanted to talk about my family and ask you guys about yours (I'm fairly sure that most of you cats have a family).

My mom's this crazy little Philadelphian woman who talks...and talks...and talks...and talks. She makes me look like Silent Bob. Oh, and she's a teacher and does a buttload of charity work.

My dad's haggard and cynical and rarely talks. He also has an extreme hatred for government handouts, particularly to immigrants as he never got anything when he came to the States from Jamaica. He owns his own construction business and has employed me since I was twelve.

My older half-sister, Rachel, is hard-working and great to visit, but living with her is utter hell (I lived with her for six months). She also earned two degrees (business management and business marketing) in university and will make us look like bums as I want to go into writing, filmmaking and ministry, my brother wants to either make it with his band Social Failure or make video games and my little sister wants to be an art teacher.

I'm very close to my brother Rick. As mentioned, he's in a band that kicks ass. He's also the funniest person I've ever met . He, unfortunately, has cyclethymia, which is similar to bipolar disorder (which I have) except less distructive. This causes him to, apparently, have a period weekly. He loves poetry, skating, drawing, acting and RPGs and I'm closer to him than anybody ever.

My little sister Gabrielle is my angel. She's so sweet and I love her dearly. She's amazingly intelligent and so damn artistic. She loves to draw and paint constantly. She's such a smartass and she knows it. Strangely, though, as Rick and I look like white/Asian mutts, Gabrielle has red hair, fair skin, freckles and blue eyes.

I could go on and on about my extended family, but I don't want to crash the server. What are your families like? I'm sure we'll find and interesting mix on this forum.

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post Nov 11 2004, 05:40 PM
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Incapable of normal thought

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My mother is the most optimistic person I know. She never, ever stops smiling and sees the best in everyone and everything to the point of being annoying sometimes! She is also obsessive over having everything spotless and so can always be found cleaning the house on Saturday afternoons.

My father is eleven years older than my mother, depressed, and constantly drinks slightly too much at dinnertime and subsequently gets mean and aggressive, then goes out and walks round the block about fifteen times at 11pm. He also wasn't allowed to argue with his siblings as a child and so doesn't see why people need to have "friendly" arguments- he always just tells everyone to shut up and stop being horrible to each other, and then starts arguing himself when we tell him to let us get on with it.

My sister is two years younger than me and must be one of the nicest people in the world. She is the model person- always thinking of others, never of herself, sweet, polite, friendly... the list goes on and on. She also has a wicked sense of humour which I think she has inherited from my mum so it's difficult not to laugh at least once in a conversation with her. Her only problem is that she seems to have no self-esteem whatsoever.

My mum's side of the family are a very mixed bunch. Firstly, there's my mum's sister, 1 year younger than her. She's lovely, and her daughter, who's 11, is crazy about football and plays for both the boys' and girls' U12 teams in our area. My second aunt is lovely too, and her children are half-Italian- the first is 18 (he's gay, incidentally, which caused outrage on the other side of the family but not with us), the second 16 who calls herself a goth, and the third a precociously bright 6 year old boy.
Then there's my uncle who has cerebral palsy after being born at only 26 weeks' gestation, and my other uncle who has just triumphed over his heroin addiction. So as you can see, we are a pretty mixed bunch.

There aren't many left on my father's side. There's only my father and his two younger siblings, his brother, a pianist who's very tall and likes walking ridiculous distances (like 30 km in one go), and the other, his sister, a violist who has an 18 year old daughter who's 4'9" tall, and a son who's 16 and just failed all his GCSEs except music.

That's my family, for the most part. I think I went on too long... sorry.

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Little Green Got...
post Nov 11 2004, 08:25 PM
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Only YOU can answer that question!

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Well, I come from a generaly large family, meaning my moms family for the most part.

My mom is rather optimistic person. She had some serious self asteem issues after the divorce but she ground through that thanks to her going back to school. She's the wisest person I have ever met and her humor can be discribed as innocently wicked.

My mom came from a family of 10. My oldest unckle died when I was 9 and I don't remember him that well. Mom is the second oldest and then comes my unckle joe. He's a big bear of a guy that drives trucks for a living. Though he almost had to retire because he was training someone who made the mistake of letting the truck roll when the trailer wasn't hitched right. My unckle tried to stop the rig from moving with just himself. He, like the rest of moms family are big on jokes and pranks. I grew up with mom and joes wife making tall/short skinny/fat jokes.

Then there's my unckle jhon, he's had cancer, gone through being a widower, and still has the wickedist since of humor.

My unkle jim...he's one of my favoites. He's had several wives/girlfriends and has probably fathered countless children. He's the prangster of the family.

then there's my aunt joyce and unckle harley. I don't know them all that well. They are about 30 or so. My unckle harley is the family drunk and dissapointment, though I'm not sure why.

thats all I'm putting for now. It take too long for my dads side.

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Forever Unknown
post Nov 11 2004, 08:40 PM
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Microwave your children

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Well, I've got this evil sister who I hope falls into a large pit somewhere... But she's popped out the most gorgeous little sprog, so we've got to keep her solely for that.



My mother (t'Wench, which is what I refer to her as) is just all kinds of fabulous. Really laid-back, a good laugh. She drinks and swears to an extent I can only imagine. I've not met one person who hasn't met her and thought she was a Goddess. Because, quite frankly, she is.

I've not spoken to my father in 7 years. We just don't get along.

My step-father is Ok. Miserable as all Hell, but decent. Just frustratingly grumpy.

My brother's an absolute spastic. Completely naive, has a habit of doing stupid things which generally result in him getting horribly hurt. He's a good lad, though.

My mother has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. I'm kind of indifferent about most of them and we're not particularly close, except for Evil C who's just like a male, older version of me, so we discuss music and suchlike a lot. My entirity of my step-father's family are about a thousand times more fabulous that my step-father himself, which is some weird genetics, I'm sure.

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post Nov 11 2004, 10:34 PM
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like peppermint aftertaste

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Let's see....My mum's been married three times. I live with her. She somehow still believes in true love, but otherwise she's sarcastic and has got this really wicked sense of humor. I love her dearly, despite the fact that she's randomly dragged me on cross-country moves twice in my lifetime.
My brother's two years younger than me, and he's a bit of a social recluse, but I'll miss him when I go off for college next year.
My dad lives about a two hours drive away, but I see him every couple of weekends or so. He's rather nifty.
My step-dad is rather quiet and I can get away with murder when he's the only one around.
My step-mum is rather loud and always embarrassing in public. She rides a unicycle in parades.
My step-sister is overly perky and a cheerleader, but we get along better than we used to.
My half-sister (mum and my current step-dad's) is two and I absolutely adore her. She's got us all wrapped around her finger.

Medae is my n00b!

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post Nov 12 2004, 12:13 AM
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Took this grammar!

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My mom is one of the most pragmatic, strongest women I know. She's got a weird sense of self deprecating humour and after supper (which she usually makes) has been heard to utter "Well. It didn't make me puke." She's overly concerned with what other people think, and that used to drive me nuts, but now that I don't live at home it's not so bad.

My dad is incredibly intelligent. He's got a great sense of humour too, and sarcasm is his trademark. One time when I was procrastinating starting a science fair project in grade 10 he went off on this long rant about how I wouldn't finish high school, I'd work down at the Dairy Queen, and marry a toothless trucker named Bubba. Me and Bubba'd live in a trailer park where I'd have a couple of dozen brats running around. laugh.gif

My brother (two years older than me) has always been a bit of a whiner because he's the middle child and he thinks that he gets the short end of the stick. Because of the whining my parents have paid more attention to him half the time and everyone (including my parents) has teased him mercilessly all the time. He's got a wonderful girlfriend now who's sorting him out and he's turning out to be a not so bad guy. Again, killer sense of humour, oh and he's an audiophile. I always ask him for a CD for Christimas and he always gets me something I've never heard of before, but that I love.

My other brother (4 years older) is alot like my mom and they butted heads because they're both so strong willed when he lived at home. Not too much to say about him. I'm not quite sure where I stand with him, but right before I left the country he took me out drinking a few times and seemed rather impressed by my ability not to throw up. *shrugs* He's a neanderthal that way. tongue.gif

I won't go into my extended family. I know I've already talked too much about my immediate family...

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post Nov 18 2004, 02:23 AM
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Shut up, noob!

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As I've said, my brother is the funniest person I've ever met, but his humor is odd. He's like Don Rickles. He can insult you in ways that will make you crack up. He never does it to be malicious; he's just being silly.

Also, we'll be watching some random movie and he'll point out some minute detail and keep rewinding and watching the same part and point out the same minute detail in such a way where it's hilarious. Two of my favorite instances occured both during Evil Dead where he pointed out how silly it looked when the fat guy dropped the zombie with the axe and how she shouted "OW!" when he started chopping and, even more hilarious, the sound effect they used when Ash punched the other demon-posessed chick in the face. "Dude! Dude! Listen...(punch)...AH HA HA HA HA HA!" Another good one was when we were watching Rat Race and John Cleese laughed at something stupid. Rick went nuts. He litterally thought that was the funniest part of the movie.

Similarly, his advice consists mainly of silly faces, fat jokes and a buttload of logic. He'll get me out of a bad mood by doing a silly-ass smile and saying, "Calm your fatness down. Here's what you need to do..."

I want to drag him to a Matameet just so some of you cats can understand what I mean when I say how damn funny he is.

With every breath...and all that I am...I will make a stand...until the end.

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post Nov 18 2004, 07:24 AM
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Kiefer > Jason

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My family is completely untraditional and insane.

My mom is one of the more conservative (not politically) of the group but she's still a bit odd. She takes after my grandma with her subtly hinting to try and get people to do stuff and she obsessively buys new dvd releases every Tuesday.

My sister is a person striving to not be like everyone else but in doing so does what everyone else who is trying not to be like everyone else does. She's older than me and has followed in my footsteps many times then calls me the copy cat. She's also a control freak.

My brother used to be a very angry person but now is really kick back now and into his wife and child. There's not much I can say about him because he's just a goofball now that I get along with when I get to see him.

Now here's where it gets interesting.

My grandma is this woman who gives to the community excessively and treats other people's children and grandchildren better than her own. She strives for her own family to be perfect and yet by doing so pushes most of us to try very hard not to be perfect. I love her to death but sometimes she just pushes way to hard.

My oldest Aunt spends a lot of her time soul searching. She's smart and nice but very judgemental. She often spends her time with psychics trying to find out how all of her family members lives are going to turn out, but won't tell us because she doesn't want to ruin our paths.

My younger Aunt thinks that she can heal people. She is a masage therapist/digital artist. She spends our family time telling me about her sex life, which frankly disturbs me.

Her husband is some weirdo who is happy to stay married to her while they both have an open relationship. He spends our family time trying to corner me and seduce me (yeuch.)

My youngest Aunts son thinks that he is always right and even when proven wrong will not give up his stand on an issue. He is known for his wild made up stories and constantly talking out of his @ss.

Then there's me and I'm just cool, we all know that. lol

A point on the overall non traditional nature of my family, for Thanksgiving we're having chili reyanos (sp?) and pizza rather than turkey (I'm not happy about this.) On Christmas all we eat are orderves all day which leaves us leaving starved. I love my family but they're nuts, which is why even though I've tried not to, I seem to fit in really well there.


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post Nov 18 2004, 08:35 AM
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I come from a very large family. My mom was #9 of 11 kids, and I am the youngest of five children, my brother being the only boy my parents had. The ages are 39, 36, 33, 25, and me (22). I have 4 nieces (21, 9, 5, 3), 2 nephews (almost 19 and 17), a niece or nephew on the way, and one great niece.

My mom is the pushover. When we wanted to get away with something as children, all we had to do was wait until my dad was away from the house. My dad was the disciplinarian. He's also probably the most stubborn person I know, aside from Lolo. I never knew my brother or oldest 2 sisters until I was about 8 years old. My brother moved away and married when I was a year old. My oldest sister married when I was 4. The other sister went to live with her biological mom until I was about 10 or 11.

Now, I'm close to all of them except the middle sister. My brother and one of my nephews moved in with me after I graduated HS, so we spent a lot of time as siblings, but also as friends. I am also very (very) close to my only full sibling, Tina (who is 25). She and I lived together and worked together for almost 4 years. We grew up together, caused trouble together, and will probably always be close. Where I go, she goes.. and vice versa.

The extended family is full of typical family drama. He said/she said crap that drives me absofrigginlutely insane. Everyone has at least one sibling, cousin, aunt, uncle, etc they won't talk to, so it makes for long, drawn out holidays.
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post Nov 18 2004, 06:01 PM
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Mother- A caring, loving person. She suffered from (untreated) panic disorders throughout my childhood, she's better now. She's very laid-back, almost to the point of being apathetic.

Father- I don't speak to him. He was abusive throughout my childhood to my mother, me, and my siblings. He's completely insane. Oh, he died . . . twice, people keep bringing him back (he had heart attacks both times).

Sister- Anyone who read my post about my (ex)boyfriend cheating on me with my sister already knows something about this. She's a very sluttly little girl, hungry for love or something. She's not the brightest bulb, either. No goals, no drive, no education, no morals. She makes for interesting conversation though.
(here's some example quotes from my oh-so-brilliant sister "You might not want to drink that lemonade, I think it's gone flat." "I hope it doesn't get so cold the electricity freezes." me: "What'd you name your dove?" Her: "Ebony." Me: "It's white." Her: "So? White can be mysterious."

Brother- He's very smart, very entergetic, and likes to get into trouble. He's only nine. I'm hoping he grows out of the trouble thing and keeps the other two qualities.
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post Nov 18 2004, 08:00 PM
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"in revolution one wins or dies"

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My family is a pretty conservative bunch, typically British in a sense. Very proper and emotionally restrained.

My sister is 23 and married she has a house and is everything a daughter should be I suppose very conformist and sensible and extremely fun I really love her a lot.
My brother on the other hand is 20 and seems hell bent on destroying himself emotionally. He acts like heís got permanent pmt and from what I can determine he is rebelling from his background he really needs to accept who he is. Id really like to get to know him again but I think he hates me because Iím everything he despises both intelligent and I have interest in religion which really gets to him as we are a totally atheist family, we really have nothing in common.
My dad is hilariously funny and an army nut he loved the army and is very patriotic which amounts to great discussions, as Iím totally the opposite. He believes heís the fount of knowledge and the master of logic and sarcasm but heís not because I am! tongue.gif
My mom is reserved emotionally high-strung and never talks about her background so I have not met any of my extended family on her side, which is rather depressing. And me Iím 17 and the youngest I have most in common with my father I think I stick out slightly in the family as Iím so different from them but its not so bad.

Remember, only left-handed people are in their right minds! haha! not funny
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