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> Stop Me If You Have Heard This One...
post Nov 22 2004, 09:38 PM
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I've been sick with a cold for over a week now, nothing to special about that. Anyway my roomies have both left for Thanksgiving, which means the place is extremely quiet and boring. Anyway, I live staying up, but on Saturday night I looked at the clock and said, "It's midnight and I'm sick, I'm going to bed." Again nothing special.

Except for the fact that I woke up a little less than half an hour ago, making it 1 PM on Monday. I slept through SUNDAY! And half of Monday. Mind you I have to write an Economics paper, do laundry, and clean up my stuff in a little more than 24 hours. I mean... you aren't supposed to be able to sleep like unless, your like... I don't even know, I didn't sleep like that when I was hospitalized for various things that have happened.

Okay, done now. Have to go and work and do stuff I was supposed to have two days to do and now have one. Happy happy joy joy.

"You cheated!"

Have a nice Doomsday.
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post Nov 22 2004, 10:03 PM
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I could have written a short novel by this point

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Hope you're feeling better.

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It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion, It is by the beans of Java that thoughts acquire speed, the hands acquire shaking, the shaking becomes a warning, It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion. - SpeakertotheLost
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post Nov 22 2004, 10:05 PM
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dream to make believe

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That's really scary... good luck getting your stuff done smile.gif

snoo is about as evil as a muffin
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post Nov 22 2004, 10:12 PM
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Probably sees visions

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woah.. wait.. so you slept for like more than 24 hours???

If I die before I'm waked, allow me lord to rock out naked :b

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Gouge Away
post Nov 22 2004, 10:15 PM
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That's 'Sir Guppy' to you

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There's an old woman in Japan who sleeps for two days then stays awake for two days at a time. You might be able to challenge her one day laugh.gif

Best wishes getting all your stuff done.
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post Nov 22 2004, 10:49 PM
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'Trouble Down Pit' now online!

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As much as I'm sure that that probably isn't very healthy, it also sounds absolutely lovely to me! I'm terrible at getting deep sleep and usually end up waking up feeling tired, especially during the winter, so 36 hours of sleep sounds wonderful!

'Hope you're feeling better now from whatever it was.

I bet that was very disorientating. I've thought that I was on the wrong day of the week before, but I've never actually lost one!

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post Nov 23 2004, 02:04 AM
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may contain peanuts

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the longest I've ever slept was about 16 hours (give or take a few) from the jet lag from going over there to Europe..
ah, well! look at the bright side!
you missed an entire day of being sick o_O

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avatars fit for a peasant!
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post Nov 23 2004, 02:59 AM
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When I had mono I did that once...then I went back to school and didn't stay home again. ^^;; I mean really, 36 solid hours is enough to shake off mono, right? heh

The weird thing about getting lots of sleep is that you feel bizarrely alert. When you're used to running off very little sleep and then you get that much it's like you've walked out of a dark building into blinding sunlight. Disorienting, definately.

Go you!

-Grammar Nazi-quotes of the yesterday
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post Nov 23 2004, 03:36 AM
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ah.. sleep. this is my expertise ^___^
well, what you did cavocy is like a dream come true tongue.gif Anyways, after about 3-4 months of trial and error and semi-fainting, ive deviced a small set of plans on how NOT to sleep, but think that you did ^___^. Now, the maximum affect you can get is sleeping for 2 hours a night, nearly consecutively for 2 months. What works best, is to get something reallly exciting to do, that you love to do, except its also work, (ex. drawing a comic) Next, go to bed @ 12, and wake up 3 am. for the first week or so, itl feel like your drunk or something.. but if you put sum nice music (may i suggest 'Child Prey' by Dir En Grey XD) on, you can make it. After the first week or so, switch to sleeping @ 11pm and getting up at 2 am. Try that for another few days.. and then you are free to sleep from the following timings without too much pain
10-12,.. 3-5, ... 2-4 (1-3 is a bit risky, but some peoples metabolisim can do it)
the only problem that ive realized from these sleeping patterns, is that you loose control of blood sugar.. making you really excited. But dont worry. there are No sudden drops. Those medical experts are crazy. theyve not been on rika's sleeping diet yet, so they cant say poo. rolleyes.gif
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post Nov 24 2004, 12:25 AM
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Pretend you didn't notice

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36 hours of sleep is a scary thought.

Longest I've slept is somewhere between 20 and 24 hours, and that was only once, after a week of running around the Brecon Beacons with an assault rifle, sleeping in cramped, wet and uncomfortable places and not getting a lot of it. What joy.

Think I managed to stay awake for about 40 hours straight once, although in less strenuous circumstances.

I wub snoo
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post Nov 25 2004, 11:35 AM
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Speed of Life

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Yes I have done almost something like that. Going to bed at the start of Saturday (4:00 in the morning, a continuation from Friday mind you) and waking up on a monday morning at 6:30. ARGG!
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post Nov 25 2004, 12:40 PM
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sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes the bug

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Oooh! So much sleep that sounds beautiful I have a nasty tendancy to do it the other way round. Much awakeness and no sleep.

Worst example being the run up to my final show at uni I was doing 72 hour shifts of awake with about 4-6 hours sleep between each one. Hmm not clever, got everything done but I seriously dont advise trying it EVER!

I've been told that is supposed to be impossible *shrugs* so Im not sure how I managed it. It does throw your sleep pattern out for weeks though.
On the plus side you get to see and hear some pretty neat things that Im pretty sure shouldnt be allowed outside of surrealist images and drug trips. Good for inspiration and excellent if you dont mind blinding headaches and issues with tilting floors. tongue.gif

Please my dear when you work out the secret of your amazing ability, let me know so I can put it to good use should I try doing something quite that stupid again. tongue.gif

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Sir Psycho Sexy
post Nov 25 2004, 02:22 PM
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Technically a giant, intellectual midget.

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..lucky tongue.gif

He's a freak of nature, but we love him so.
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the lil' pie...
post Nov 25 2004, 02:45 PM
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Don't you just love hot water bottles?

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Hmm...I really want to see how disorientating it is now! Waiting for some kind of illness to hit...anny time now...

Dan, was that with cadets, by any chance?? laugh.gif sounds like an average weekend in my opinion!

It's not so bad being trendy, everyone who looks like me is my friend...


Freshers Flu is a buttmunch.
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