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post May 13 2003, 01:09 AM
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Kiefer > Jason

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I'm bored out of my mind.......no chat that I'm in is booming soooooooo I implore you to entertain me!


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post May 13 2003, 01:23 AM
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ph34r /\/\3! I am a texan ninja!

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yeah i know.......now i will tell a joke......if i can member it...i got this from ldp, who heard it in a hot tub on a cruise

ok, there was this guy, and he went into a whorehouse with 2 dollars and he went to the clerk and asked "What can I get for this?" so the clerk took him to a room, and in the room was a chicken......they guy was really horny so he said "better get my moneys worth" sohef[*cough* - Mata]dthechicken............the next week he came back with 5 dollars and asked "what can i get for this" the clerk lead him to a room again, and in the room were a bunch of guy watching two girls go at it.......and the guy said "Man this is great" and another guy in the room goes "You should have been here last week, we go to see some guy f[*more coughing* All this coughing over swearing is hurting my throat and ruining the joke, how about just using f**k in future? - Mata]k a chicken"

ok, sorry if this is too, you know.......non good for the forum, i can go back and edit if needed, but that is the joke

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