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> I need a mate, im looking for a friend(or friends)
post Jun 5 2005, 03:39 PM
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At first i thought it was going to be ok but now im knot to sure unsure.gif I think people dont like me :(most people have lots of mates but i dont sad.gif I would like a friend to talk to,to tell them my problems and stuff like that unsure.gif I think people think of me like some mud on the floor,and they just walk all over me sad.gif Please help me get a mate.

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post Jun 5 2005, 04:37 PM
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LT, your style of writing fits with your age. I don't mean that to sound patronising, it's just true. The people on this site are generally in their teens at least. I'm 28, nearly three times your age (which makes me feel rather old!), so people are accustomed a style of writing that you learn as you get older.

Generally I suggest that my animations aren't really suitable for people before their teens because I think that most people aren't really mature enough to distinguish satire from seriousness. If you are one of the people that are in a position to enjoy this site at your age then that's fine, but I would ask that you exercise some caution with the threads that you choose to read because some of them are about subjects that it's probably best that you learn about in your own time rather than stumbling onto them. I don't want to censor anyone, including you, but there are changes in many aspects of your life that you go through in the next few years that change the way that you write and think about things.

Forums such as this are, by their nature, reliant on written communication, and a person's style of writing is taken to reflect their style of thinking. Your style is that of a young person, but the average age on these forums is probably around 18-22 (although the age range stretches from around 13 to the 60s). There is no information for your date of birth in your profile, so people will naturally assume that you are around the average age, making your writing seem immature. This is going to cause problems because if people think you are immature then they will be less likely to take the time to relate to you.

Can I ask something, do your parents check up on your internet activity? I would feel more comfortable if they do. These forums could do you a lot of good, in that they will help you learn how to communicate comfortably using language that is more advanced than you will have been taught in school, but, as I said before, there are some subjects being discussed here that are not really suitable for someone of your age. I would prefer it if your parents could have a look around the forums and decide if they are comfortable with you being on here. If this seems unfair, then make a note of what I've said in a diary and have a look at it when you're my age and see what you think then. I have a duty in running this place to try my best to ensure that everyone is comfortable with the content, and without knowing you it would be easiest to be certain of this by getting one of your parents to give approval.

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