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> Fresh Meat?!
post Aug 23 2005, 10:50 AM
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Hello! I'm new here, obviously. Just introducing myself... My name's Jen and I'm from NYC. I think Mata's absolutely brilliant! I'm glad I finally noticed there was a forum, I was beginning to think I was the only one who was into The Other Side animations(blasphemy, I know)!

Appologies in advance-- I'm not the most eloquent person, but I do type decently and I don't abbreviate often or use too many acronyms! I'm just horribly dyslexic and get confused quite easily!

My hobbies/interests include: reading, sketching, dark humour, black and white nude photography, cute sushi lunches, chocolate, Sneaker Pimps, fluffy animals, sarcasm, vodka tonics, Yasmin LeBon, anything remeniscent of 80's pop culture, Brit pop/electro, and world domination. Just for fun, I've included a photo of me eating Nick Rhodes. Well, I'm not really eating him, and it's just a necklace with his photo in, but I like pretending.

Looking forward to having quite a bit of fun here, and maybe(hopefully) making some new friends!


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post Aug 23 2005, 11:28 AM
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'Trouble Down Pit' now online!

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'Ello! Good choice of username there, I love that film.

You might be interested to know that Shok, the guy who does some of the music for my animations, has been working with the Sneaker Pimps recently. It's a small world.

There are certainly at least a few other people on here from the NYC region. You are not alone! Also, back when I was selling T-shirts through this site I sent many of them to various regions of NY, so there are definitely quite a few of other people who like my site out there... Somewhere in the big city... For some reason, the most popular area for buying my T-shirts from NY always seemed to be Harlem.

Anyway, welcome to my site. It's always nice to see a new person who comes pre-trained in how to use the English language correctly! wink.gif

Trouble Down Pit: Still updated every Monday and Friday
The Matazone Games blog
The Matazone Shop The Matazone Blog
The Matazone Corset Shop: Snobz corsets at 10% off their recommended price!
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post Aug 23 2005, 12:08 PM
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@ mata:

Harlem?! That's so odd to me, Harlem is very... urban, in the American sense/abuse of the word. If forced to guess, I'd think you'd recieved a lot of orders from Brooklyn or Manhattan. Thats not important though... what IS important is that you don't sell shirts anymore. What's up with that? I was going to buy one as a birthday present for myself this year, which is why I came back to the site after a long absence, and noticed that you had no more merchandise(and lots of new animations/etc, yay!).

Ahh, Barbarella. What's not to like? Sexy blind angels, Jane Fonda in various states of undress, casual sex, the movie Duran Duran got their name from... divine, if you ask me. Ugh, that word sounds so pretentious, doesn't it? I promise not to use it anymore.

Your friend working with the Sneaker Pimps doesnt surprise me. There had to be a reason why the music in some of your animations appealed to me so much... same general good taste, I suppose. I met Chris Corner last year when he came to the US to perform in his solo project, IAMX. He told us Sneaker Pimps were working on some new stuff with a female singer, but it seems like ages since then. Do you happen to know if they'll be coming out with some new stuff anytime soon? IF so, they'll probably go on tour, which gives me the perfect excuse to finally go to England since they don't come here often! I'm assuming since your friend works with them, they're working on something and I can expect something before I start getting gray hairs.

Ok, I'm droning. Sorry for grilling/text smothering you, I got all school-girl excited there for a few moments when I saw you'd replied.
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