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> are you a thinker or a feeler?
post Sep 8 2005, 10:09 AM
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Basically, do you think with your heart or your head?

Everyone does both, but we all tend to value the advice from one part of ourself over the other. Some people find it hard to do this. here's some help

Make desicions based on impersonal values
Would organise 10 most phoned friends alphabetically
Distrustful of using their feeling judgement, that can be overly biased.
Tend to critisise others more than compliment
"Truth more important than tact"

typical example:
Mr Spock from star trek deciding that while stranded on a planet, burying the dead would waste time and energy better used to staying alive. (a valid and rational point).

Make descions based on personal values
Would organise 10 most phoned friends based on how much they value each friend
Distrustful of using a logical judgement that can often ignore it's real effect on people in favour of objectivity.
Tend to compliment rather than critisise
"Tact more important than truth"

typical example:
Mr McCoy on that same episode as above pointed out that if they do not bury the dead, it will effect the morale of the survivors. (a valid and again rational point).

I think the thing to note is that both feelers and thinkers seem rational (as I see it). It's just feelers tend to base their desicions on personal values, like morals and sentiment. Thinkers use impersonal values like Justice, and objective truth.
Since both are rational ways of looking at the world they can often come to the same conclusions in many situations.

Key point however is that the very often don't. Many many big opposing debates throughout time has been a thinker vs a feeler. Note above that Both are rational. This isn't a case of rational hitlers vs emotional hippies. Very often you can use a feeling based judgement without feeling particularly emotional at all. Vice versa, a thinker can feel very passionate about his objective opinions.
This is about values, vs objective truth. We use both, but what do we trust when they conflict?

I have a theory on the distrust between the two...
I'm a thinker basically.. I have a feeling judgement I just don't use it much. As I've grown up being like this.. my feeling side hasn't really developed beyond what it was when I was much younger. As a result when I try and use my feeling judgement, it's very crap (for want of a better word). I come up with very passionate (almost childlike) desicions that seem based on nothing. Common things my feeling side comes up with are things like "I want this to be true so I'll believe it's true regardless of circumstance".

Problem is, I am tempted to believe anyone that uses feeling as their primary way of judging things are all living the world as immaturally as my feeling side does stuff. However.. I like studying people and observing and analysing.
I think I was rather wrong. Just as my thinking side's developed out pretty well because I use it a lot. Other's went down the other road. When they use feeling judgement they wield it like sword. Just as I can analyse a situation pretty fast. They can observe a situation like a conversation, and instantly gauge what's important. They seem far far keener at understand what matters to who and what, and adjusting themselves to that, than I could ever hope to be.
The fact is, when a feeler uses feeling, it is as reliable to them as when a thinker uses their thinking. But thinkers using feeling just aren't very good at it, and vice versa.

Wow... I ramble...

ok, so you guys.. feelers or thinkers?

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"All generalizations are dangerous, even this one."
"You are unique, just like everybody else."
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