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> Happy Thanksgiving, Or, Happy Turkey-Slaughter day
post Nov 24 2005, 09:54 PM
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Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans out there. How are you spending it?

Even though I'm a Brit I have to know about it this year 'cos my Aunt, Uncle and cousin are over here because they have time off for Thanksgiving. We aren't celebrating or anything but I'll be seeing them at the weekend so for that I give Thanks to whoever started Thanksgiving as a public holiday.

So, what do y'all do on the first Mass-Turkey-Slaughter day of the year?

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post Nov 24 2005, 10:02 PM
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Its 'tradition' (kind of....) in this family to go out to a 11:30-ish lunch and spend about 3 hours eating. After that we go to a place nearby called Great Falls and we hike around for maybe an hour, depending on how cold it is. The morning is always an ordeal about who's wearing what and when we're leaving, the acctual meal is always fairly nice. My brother always complains about our little hike. After that we go home, digest some more, then go see a movie.

The movies for the past 3 years have been Harry Potter and this year isnt changing tongue.gif My brother is v. upset.

The only exception to our 'tradition' was one thanksgiving at home a couple years ago, a meal at a different restraunt and last year we all went to my brother's girlfriends house for dinner, which was very nice.

Its all kind of lame, really, but atleast we're all together

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post Nov 24 2005, 10:14 PM
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We always gather at someone's house to eat a big Thanksgiving Lunch. Lots of home-cooked food and we discuss where we're having Christmas this year. And usually planning on what to buy the kids. The adults draw names to pick who they give a gift to.
I'm officially a grown-up this year, so I don't get the joy of presents from everyone. I would've drawn names, but this year, we're not doing that. Something shifty is happening. And then after we come home and take a nap (Mmm, tryptophan), we bake cookies and decorate.
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post Nov 24 2005, 11:13 PM
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We don't have any actual traditions on thanksgiving, we just do whatever is conveniant. (I have a feeling I didn't spell that right...)

This year an old friend from the company where my dad used to work is coming down from Nebraska with his daughter and pet dog. Our main plan is to eat, wander around the state park for awhile, and watch the dog do different tricks, like climbing ladders and showing off how smart it is.

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post Nov 25 2005, 12:34 AM
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My family gathers into different exended groups depending on who's traveling and we all sit around eating way too much food. After lunch there are usually some of my more annoying uncles watching some sport (usually football.) The rest of us plan Christmas, draw names for presents, and possibly watch a movie in a room away from the football. Before lunch everything is hectic, but afterwards it's very peaceful and we have good fun talking. The past few years we've been eating sliced turkey and ham because only one or two uncles like regular turkey, which takes roughly a year of chewing per serving. tongue.gif

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post Nov 25 2005, 01:38 AM
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We all gather together, usually having a non traditional meal except for this year because someone decided I got to choose the menu so it was a traditional meal with turkey and pumpkin pie. As usual though we sat around complaining about all the other members of the family who weren't there and making underhanded comments about the people who were there. We all then leave to go and rant about how much we dislike doing this and start making our plans for doing this again at Christmas.

This year I'm thankful for Elvis impersonaters who are available for Thanksgiving, at least that's what I said at dinner after finding out we could have gone to someone else's house to see one but we missed it.


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post Nov 25 2005, 01:54 AM
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It's called tofurkey.


This is the first Thanksgiving we've had since my grandmum on my dad's side passed away. We usually ended up going to her house at some point in the day. This year has been awkward.
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post Nov 25 2005, 03:22 AM
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Lord of the Keys

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Props for the tofurkey EvilSpoon. I send you awkward white-girl props.

This is my first Thanksgiving as a pescetarian, and it's very interesting. I've been mocking my sluggish relations for the past few hours, but they can only manage a feeble threat or two from their prone spots on the couch. Not eating turkey is an amusing habit.

My family usually gathers at either my house or my uncle's because they are the only two big enough for all of us. My family is kind of....well, Irish. I have nineteen cousins and two more on the way, plus three uncles, five aunts and unlimited in-laws.

We eat around 5, stuffing on squash-and-apple cassorole and my dad's family's (which is disproportionately tiny, and who do not attend Thanksgiving) cranberry-orange relish. The pre-dinner is spent making pie, which we do very well. Following, uncles watch football, older cousins see some terrible movie and younger ones conk out on the couch. It's very comfortable and sort of sweet.

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post Nov 25 2005, 05:28 AM
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This year, Thanksgiving was a bit different because my husband and I had to work. Tonight, after work, I went to my cousin's house since she's the only family I have here in town - it was her first year of making Thanksgiving dinner! Normally, on Thanksgiving, we all gather at my parents' house. Instead we did our family meal on Tuesday.

We start cooking around 8am. Typically that means me and my mom do all the cooking, since my sister can't boil water, my brother watches TV with my dad, and the other two sisters are rarely there. By noonish, we have the relish trays done and set out, and we eat 'dinner' between 2 and 3. The kiddos drive us crazy, the adults pretend to not nap, and I end up cleaning up by myself tongue.gif Later some people fill up again, others move on to dessert, and finally around 8pm, everyone starts going home.
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post Nov 25 2005, 05:37 AM
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I spend the beginning of the day babysitting all my little brothers and cousins, longingly awaiting the finished meal, while telling the children to celebrate the harvest. It's fun, if trying, to spend the day with so many relatives, but I wouldn't have it any other way. On the ride home from my grandparentsí house I usually say a silent prayer for the deceased turkeys, while simultaneously dreaming of the leftover sandwiches to come. Yum!

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post Nov 25 2005, 12:56 PM
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Candbrush Threepwood

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We have a big dinner here, which involves our immediate family, my aunt, cousin, cousin's daughter, a friend of my mom's and her family, and usually some friend my sister brings home from uni who can't make it to be with their family. This year it was a Canadian she goes to school with who decided to see what an American Thanksgiving was like in comparison since he had the weekend off anyway.

I made a turkey-shaped sculpture out of vegetarian sausage, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. It was beautiful. My aunt brought this "dog" with her. The thing was a rat, I swear. A rat which she dressed in a coat. Poor thing...it should be scurrying around sewers and spreading disease like all the other rats, not wearing a frilly coat. Got nagged by said aunt about my relationship (the cow). The whole family had decided beforehand it'd be a good idea to deal with her being around by drinking. If you knew her, you'd think it was a marvelous idea as well. I got my baby sister INCREDIBLY drunk...which was amusing but I felt bad because she started feeling queasy. She seriously let me down as a Trivial Pursuit partner...another tradition is to all play a board game after dinner. We did not do spectacularly...

All in all, a pretty average Thanksgiving. Though the drunkenness has never happened before. It made my aunt much more bearable. I normally tend to be the one discouraging drinking at family functions...but the rest of the family joined in with me and it drove the aunt away, so yay hypocrisy. Good clean fun.

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