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> Define love!, Put on your rose tinted glasses
post Nov 25 2005, 09:18 PM
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happy.. sad.. happy

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Ok.. I'm feeling mildly soppy.. meaning I'll probably regret making this post and showing my occasional soppyness.

Consider this a game of defining the undefinable. I don't know if you can define it, but just to reply with "It's not something you can define" would be boring, and I may be forced to make a " tongue.gif " face at you. I don't like being mean, so don't do it! *ahems..*

So yeah.. go ahead, try and define love in any way you can, a poem, a statement, a definition, whatever.

If you're feeling sick just reading this post then.. sorry! But really.. it's christmas soon! Don't be all bah humbug... dry.gif .

"I'm an introvert, I think you're wonderful and I like you, but please now shush"
"Science is just organised common sense"
"All generalizations are dangerous, even this one."
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post Aug 18 2010, 11:13 AM
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Advice for the young at heart

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I've heard a quote in the past, that sadly I know not the source of, and that has probably been extensively paraphrased so that Google is of no use, which goes something like this:

"To love someone is to educate them about who you are."

And whilst I can see that, in some ways, it doesn't sound like the most romantic bunch of words, it does make sense. It was said to me in an advisory manner when I had ended a relationship due to some misunderstandings, some personality clashes, and some total disregard for the person that I am/was.

There's a lot of implications in the sentence, I think, and most of them seem far beyond my capabilities of explanation. Make of it what you will.

Oh... and, incidentally, I don't think that it represents EVERYTHING regarding love.


QUOTE (craziness @ Aug 8 2010, 07:20 AM) *
if love is true, can it overcome all feats?

Part of the answer to this is probably to question whether love is 'true' if only one person feels it? Is love something which comes from a person, or a partnership? If you are "in love" with someone, does that carry the same weight as two people who are "in love with each other"?

The reason I ask: you love your partner, but they cheat on you. Is this love? Is it a "feat to overcome"? I don't know.

Perhaps the more common illustration would be long-distance relationships, or a relationship where the partner becomes very ill ("in sickness and in health"). Many people would say that, regardless of the strength of love, a long-distance relationship will not last. Others - including many individuals on this forum, I suspect - would argue the opposite. Also, can love conquer the difficulties when one partner is no longer able to perform the necessary duties expected in a relationship? And I don't specifically mean sex. Physical disability and/or mental illness may be able to turn the person you love into a shadow of their former self. If they are no longer "the same", can love overcome that?

QUOTE (craziness @ Aug 8 2010, 07:20 AM) *
can you really experience true love more than once in a lifetime?

A friend of mine believes in soul-mates: that there is one person - and one person only - who "fits" you completely. Whilst I can be somewhat of a romantic idealist from time to time, I don't necessarily agree with this. Believers might claim that it is only 'true love' when it is with your soul mate, and that any previous love was not as real as you may have thought. And perhaps, if a relationship ends, maybe it didn't contain the level of love you'd estimated. But if you lose a partner in more tragic circumstances, would a future relationship take away that original love? I don't think so...

Personally, I think that true love can exist more than once.

QUOTE (craziness @ Aug 8 2010, 07:20 AM) *
do you ever stop loving someone once you have truly loved them?

I've been asking this a fair bit myself, recently. Do feelings for partners ever fully go away, even after the relationship ends? If I look back over my past relationships, in their various forms, I'd have to say that I have some form of feelings for each individual involved - but some of them are negative. They are still a by-product of the positive feelings I had at that time though.

My opinion is that, yes, you can stop loving a person you once loved. It might become a lessened feeling, or a dissipate over time, or turn into something more akin to resentment or regret. But I think, if you want it to, it can go.

QUOTE (craziness @ Aug 8 2010, 07:20 AM) *
it is so difficult to define love, it's such a fluid concept, so simple yet so impossible to grasp. i see it more as a force that overwhelms you, something you can't control and renders you powerless, stops your logical thought processes from functioning and makes you temporarily insane

QUOTE (gothictheysay @ Aug 8 2010, 09:15 PM) *
Not sure I know what "true love" counts as, other than reciprocation. I find that concept a little odd. I think I would always have a tender spot for someone I loved, somewhere in me. But I definitely feel pretty differently towards a couple people I have loved, and while I still care about them, I wonder if "love" is the right word. It's a different kind of love, definitely.

Love is many different things, to many different people: some find love an obsessive pull, the desire to be with someone throughout every second; others find love to be inherently coupled with 'nesting' and family; I know several people who find very little difference between love and lust; and others would view love as the remaining contentment that exists when all other fleeting emotions have passed, when you still want to be with someone when the excitement of 'novelty' has gone.

My view? Probably a combination of these, and more besides. I don't mind admitting that I become emotionally attached to people rather quickly, and soon find myself questioning what I am feeling ("Is it love? Is it lust? Is it desire? It is need? Is it obsession?"). Being single also makes me question what I felt in previous relationships.

I don't think I could ever be so bold as to define love with any certainty. I have friends and family in "loving" relationships that, from my point of view, look to be full of upset, turmoil, misunderstanding, and disagreement. But I assume it works for them, and they feel it is love? Who am I to argue that MY definition is the right one?
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