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> Reject Crew, The begining of a short story.
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post Jan 4 2006, 02:30 AM
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Samauri Teapain

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Lo all, just something I quickly wrote down. Testing the waters to see if it'll make an ok short story. Critisim and thoughts wanted. Sparse bits of it are true, but largely fabricated. Warning though, contains scenes of an adult nature, and sweary words for effect.


“Guys, what colour is the sky at night?” I looked up briefly from the joint I was constructing, raising my voice over the sound of a crappy amateur porn film Joe had put on. Dan was lying across the sofa swigging deeply from a bottle of Stella, tapping his toes to the unnatural rhythm of faked groans from the guy with the baseball cap. He was staring out the open curtains probably mentally dividing up the rest of the beer we had between us, obviously more for him. Joe was sitting cross legged on the floor next to me watching the TV.

“Black, duh.” Was Dan’s reply after a while.

“Take a close look, it should be black, or at least midnight blue, but it isn’t, it’s a dark purple-red colour.”

“So?” He tilted his head back and finished the bottle, which he casually tossed into the bin across the living room; it hit the rim and bounced in.

“Don’t you ever want it to be a normal colour?” I’d thought about this as I leaned out of my window last night having a rollie, usually I look at the stars or watch the guy in the house that borders the garden but I had noticed that at 3am the sky was this dirty red colour. “It is depressing that we can’t change it, to me it represents all the crap that we hypocritically throw up there while preaching about the unjust war in Iraq or whatever it’s cool to rebel against this season.”

“Shut up you fucking hippy, shit happens.”

I ignored him and continued. “If prostitution is the oldest profession then stargazing must be the oldest hobby, people like to have a goal in life, albeit one they’ll never achieve, and stargazing is the most humbling thing someone can do.” I stopped only to lick and seal the rizla, adding the finishing touches to a perfectly rolled joint. “We do it even during the day, people stargaze in glossy magazines.”

“I’ve never seen a bloody stargazing mag, there might be one but no one would buy it.” I heard him fumble for another beer; Joe broke his porn trance to pass the bottle opener.

“Not talking about the celestial bodies, people now stargaze by reading about celebrities and wishing they could be like them.” Time to light up. Click. Pull. Exhale.

“She’s got a celestial body.” Joe shifted to hide his boner that had been inching its way down his black jeans.

“Too bad she’s a fucking redneck slut.” The film was obviously fake, a shot of a guy leaning on the bonnet of his car while a girl bobbed her head in front of his crotch, you could see he still had his trousers done up, belt and all, but that didn’t stop horny Joe from getting off on it. I felt a bit uncomfortable watching something he’s jerked off to before. The conversation died, like most of the ones I tried to start; instead I toked away and passed to Dan letting the silence hang like the smoke in the air.

Dan is the borderline alcoholic in my group, he swears he can handle his drink but I’ve had to carry him home too many times to believe it, he swears enough anyway. He probably would be able to handle his drink if he was taller, I can rest my chin on his head in a hug only if I curved my back. Usually these hugs come after a night in the Hobgoblin drinking tequila and cider. His hair had grown since I last saw him, some three months ago when he left for Uni in Wales. Joe had also gone to Uni but he pops back often enough to see his girlfriend. Dan always said he likes to dress like a lead singer; he took up guitar ages after having an acoustic because it matched one of his jackets.

We were at Joe’s house, his mum had gone away for a few weeks and a free house meant a smoke and drink session, just the lads this time, the girls would have objected to all the weed and alcohol and porn so we weighed up the pros and cons and decided they had to go. Only Matt wasn’t here, he rarely did anything with us anymore and no one quite knows what he does, not much of a conversationalist or a gossip person as he likes to use as few words as he can. The last call I got from him was a message on my answer phone saying simply “come pub”. Dan the alcoholic, Joe the Vampire (so he claims), Matt the genius anorexic and me the stoner. We are the Reject Crew, I named us and it stuck.

“Yo, T? How’s the new girl?” T is my nickname, short for Teapot, which I call myself when I’m online and as I’m online so much it gets used both online and in real life more than my given name.

“Not sure, it’s been so long that I’ve gone out with a sane girl I’m not quite sure what to do.” This is true, the last few I’ve had were disasters; being stalked, being crushed and being chased through Lewisham with a carving knife, three different girls in case you were wondering.

“Shame, can’t wait for you to meet Tori, she’s fucking smoking.”

“Bit like you then, eh T?” Joe took the J off Dan and passed it straight to me, he’s a good kid despite the image he tried to portray. The dark twisted soul, who wears all black, comes out only at night and works in Woolworths. I could feel Joe looking at me as I concentrated on stopping the joint from side-burning, I needed all the effort I could muster, I’d been smoking for a few hours straight now and was pleasantly stoned and felt everyone could tell by the way I clumsily knocked my baccy tin over.

“What’s up Joe dude?” I finally queried, he hadn’t turned his attention back to he porn for a while now, something on his mind.

“Nothing, just the smell really reminds me of when my mum smokes.” He shrugged and reached for another beer, Dan threw the bottle opener at his back.

“Come off it, we all know you’re mum is not a druggie.” The short one was right, Joe had always pinned things on his mum to try and make his life seem ‘troubled’, justifying his need to frequent vampire fetish boards and listen to crappy black metal bands.

I nodded though no one was looking, to get Dan’s attention I waved the joint and he soon flicked his eyes in my direction. “I know your mum, Joe. Last time we went to the Hobgoblin and you guys ditched me to go to that new place down the road from here I couldn’t find it and came here for directions. Your mum was friendly and polite as a country girl, she wrote down detailed directions even though I now know its just round the corner, and she said if I couldn’t find it then I can come back here and she’ll give me a lift. Give her a break, dude.”

“You want proof?” Dan and I simultaneously nodded. “Fine, follow me.”

“Where the hell are we going now?” Dan raised his voice, distressed at the thought of having to leave his beer.

“We’re going to look for my mum’s hash.”


Thats all so far, if I get a positive feedback on it I'll continue.


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