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> What's your dream life?
post Aug 14 2009, 08:38 PM
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If my woman were a fire...

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I wouldn't call this a game, exactly, but it IS really fun to do!

What is your dream life?
Forget reality, for awhile - it doesn't matter if you're working in fast food right now, ect. What do you want your life to be like?

What career do you want to have, and why?
What kind of house do you want to have?
Do you want to be rich?
Where would you live?
Married? Children?

I love learning about people, so this should all be really interesting to me - remember, it doesn't have to be realistic - if you want a gigantic mansion with 1,000 sex-slaves at your service, go for it!

So, what's your dream? smile.gif

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post Aug 15 2009, 07:19 PM
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I could have written a short novel by this point

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Wooo, okay, here we go.

Jobs? Gross. I don't want to work on a schedule, and I don't want someone telling me what to do. Having enough money to support myself at all times would be nice, so I'd only have to work when I want to. Ideally, something in the science field, maybe chemistry or physics, and like a part time job at CERN or something, so I can just go into the lab when I feel like researching something, and travel the rest of the time. I might just have a job where I don't really have to do anything. Like get a loan from the bank or my parents or something, open a restaurant, hire people to do all my crap for me. ;D Market medicines I created myself (to help people, relax people, whatever, I'm spending hours mucking around in a chem lab tongue.gif). Something. I guess I could write a book. I'd definitely want to live primarily in a college city. Parties and awesome music scenes ftw. Probably up north somewhere, definitely not in Florida. I don't really want a huge house, because I'd probably only be home to sleep and eat. Maybe just a nice apartment, awesomely furnished, with a great kitchen, big windows, nice part of town. Yeah. It'll have a nice bedroom, an office, cool living room, library (ftw), and my own chem lab. Ooooh, that just reminded me of something. I'll upload pics if I remember/when I get home. Like a year ago Eli and I were pretty bored and started making our dream house. We didn't get past the top floor (farm house style with the two attics on the side of a flat roof, which was a huge pool). The attics were fairly intricate pieces of work, so it's kind of hard to describe, so yeah, pics. My side had a lab, library, bedroom, bar, entertainment center, other stuff I can't remember, and a huuuuge hot tub. Can't remember what Eli had. Ohh, and there was an astronomy tower. >_> The floor under that was going to be a huge maze-library. And instead of flooring, it would be glass, because the floor below that was an aquarium. I guess just guest rooms under that. Can't remember how many floors we wanted (didn't get to finish the house sad.gif ). And then a basement, which would be an awesome recreational room, with pool tables, air hockey table, darts, a bar, bean bag chairs, tvs, awesome speakers, a black light, and an unlimited supply of glow sticks. So, that would be my dream house. Maybe in Germany. Or like, same house, lots of cool cities. I don't really want to be rich, I just want enough money to do everything I want to do, with enough money left over to feel secure. Married, yeah, eventually. Children, sure, eventually. Between one and three, depending on the dad. I want a cat and a dog. Oh, and the house will have lots of fridges stocked with Monster. smile.gif

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