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> UK Election time!
post May 6 2010, 12:25 PM
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Please don't let the Tories win. Please don't let the Tories win...

It seems like around 90% of the people I know are voting Lib Dems, 9% are going for Labour, and abotu 1% want the Tories back in power to rape and pillage the land. The annoying thing is that I suspect that the Tories are going to win. Poop.

Anyway, I hope all you Brits have voted!

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post May 7 2010, 04:18 AM
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It's the 2004 U.S. election all over again as far as the sinking feeling in my belly is concerned. Except now this affects me directly :/

I didn't get registered in time to vote, would have voted Lib Dem, and would have needed about another 6000 votes to make a difference in my current constituency; I'm not terribly upset that I missed out, but only due to hindsight.

As I type this, the Tories are about 50 seats ahead, which has all happened in the last hour. The coalition that some people are talking about, whilst an intriguing glimmer of hope, will probably only lead to more public disapproval (doubtlessly fuelled by the media) of left wing parties. Perhaps as a nation we're better off being reminded just how incorruptably evil the Tories are every now and then so that we can decisively vote them out next time? Gah...

The other major issue for myself is the complication of living in Scotland; so far we have elected one tory MP. Compare that to 40 Labour, 9 Lib Dems and 6 Scottish National Party, you get the general idea that the tories are NOT popular up here. In addition, we have our devolved parliament as well, currently headed by the Scottish National Party (and with, as far as I'm aware, about the same low proportion of Tories). If, as predicted, this election leaves us with a Conservative government in Westminster, a very large part of extremely important policies (defence, economics, public spending and others) will be determined by a political party that holds less than 2% of the representation of Scotland. Basically, when faced with the Tories, Scotland said an overwhelming "NO!" and because of the much greater percentage of prats English representatives, we're being told "tough luck". For a country of such independent spirit, this could be fairly difficult to swallow, and it's a painful reminder that our devolved government is still a long way away from being enough of a counter to the overwhelming influence of the English vote in our country.

I'm not saying that I don't like being governed by the English; our country as a whole wants something very different to England, however, and I feel fairly justified in pointing out the unfairness inherent in the current system here, especially since the outcry from Westminster when a Scottish constituency's representative became P.M. a few years back, as if all of a sudden we were going to be dictating to them as a people. As far as my own personal view of Westminster governance goes, I disagree with a lot of the policies in place in England, especially in education, defence and immigration; thankfully, the Scottish government has power over the first of these, and our level of funding for education is actually still improving. With the Westminster government deciding how much money goes to the Scottish government each year, however, ultimately our economic future is still in their hands, and you'll forgive me (and the rest of Scotland) for not wanting those hands to be Conservative, as England is dictating to us.

I should probably mention, for context's sake, that I'm not personally interested in an independant Scotland; I believe that the obvious benefits with regards to funding and governance would be heavily offset by the complications arising from all of a sudden having a technically foreign country attached to us. I do, however, want to see an increase in the responsibilities of our devolved parliament, in order for our decisive political preference to have a larger effect on our lives as Scots, as well as Brits.


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