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post Feb 6 2011, 08:45 PM
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suggestive cupcake

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So, this is kind of a loose concept.
The forums have been less active than they were in 2003-2008, and we've had a few new members that don't have an opportunity to post as much and/or don't come into irc, which is where a lot of the socializing/getting to know you activities happen. (/server dfx.at + #burrito, jsyk)
So I was wondering - say you meet someone and you get one opportunity to translate who you are to them with a story from your life. Which one would you tell? Why? Could you tell it here so the rest of us can munch popcorn and enjoy your tales of woe and triumph?

Go go gadget introspect, Matazone~

ETA: or 283798349 (max) stories because this is a whole thread and i love stories. stop reading the rules, half of you have cursed in posts and yet you listen to me!? bah humbug etc. :P

i'm like oh kimosabe,
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post Feb 9 2011, 07:58 PM
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Candbrush Threepwood

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Okay, since no one else seems to want to go first, I guess I will!

I asked IRC to choose between my top two stories, but they chose both. And then Katii called me a rule reading Girl Scout for trying to narrow it down to one. tongue.gif

The first story has already been heard by most people who know me well. It is the tale of my battle with the hellbeast known as BIRDMOTH. I shall save the second story for another day, after other people have posted theirs.

I was going to be lazy and post the blog entry I made right after the horrible event took place, but there's no way I can. I felt the need to express my fear at the time, you see, and apparently I chose swearing as my medium. That, and capslock. So, kiddies, here's the forum-appropriate version.

Picture it: Sicily, 1921. Wait, no, that's not right. Eastern Oregon, 2006. I was sitting in my room at my parents' house, studying for my last round of college finals. It was only May, but it was already so hot that it felt like I was living in Satan's crotch. So, obviously, my window was open.

One thing you should know, before we go any further: moths terrify me. Always have, always will. If you dare to tell me they are harmless, I cannot be held responsible for my actions. They are CREEPY. All fuzzy antennae and papery wings and wild, disoriented flying that gets them stuck in curly hair...euuurgh! Ahem. Anyway. biggrin.gif In spite of my crippling fear, I managed to shoo away the few tiny moths that flew in the window.

Those little b****es sent their big brother after me.

No, it was more than their big brother. This thing...it was the god of all scary night creatures. I'm pretty sure it looked something like this*, but with more evil. It may well have been part bald eagle.

My mom worked the night shift, so there was no chance of her saving me. My dad was sound asleep downstairs, unaware of my imminent death by fuzzy antennae. I screamed and flailed, waving a throw pillow at the BIRDMOTH and hoping Dad would wake up and come to my rescue.

He didn't. Not even my over-enthusiastic door slamming when I herded BIRDMOTH into the hall managed to wake him. It was...not my proudest moment. There I was, cowering from an insect in a room that was becoming hotter by the second (oh, you bet I closed the window after that). I had no food, no water, and worse...I had to pee.

Armed with Literature: Reading, Reacting, Writing (2064 pages suck it, BIRDMOTH), I decided to risk a trip to the bathroom. BIRDMOTH was waiting for me, of course. It knew my every move. It had probably been peeking in my window at night, planning this attack for weeks.

This next bit is a tad hazy. I'm pretty sure there were swords involved, along with rather a lot of pain and blood and fire, but it's equally likely that I just smacked the f***er with my giant textbook until it stopped twitching.

I contemplated mounting its head on my wall as a warning to all other moths, but I'd already put myself through the trauma of getting close enough to thwack it. I didn't want to go near the corpse; I wasn't entirely certain that its followers wouldn't come along and reanimate it.

So, I decided to handle my enemy's remains the way any war-hardened soldier would: I asked my mommy to take care of it the next day. biggrin.gif

There you go, Katii. Happy now? tongue.gif

* May be a slight (okay, huge) exaggeration.

I love you in a way that is mystical and eternal and illegal in 20 states.
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