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post Feb 6 2011, 08:45 PM
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suggestive cupcake

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So, this is kind of a loose concept.
The forums have been less active than they were in 2003-2008, and we've had a few new members that don't have an opportunity to post as much and/or don't come into irc, which is where a lot of the socializing/getting to know you activities happen. (/server dfx.at + #burrito, jsyk)
So I was wondering - say you meet someone and you get one opportunity to translate who you are to them with a story from your life. Which one would you tell? Why? Could you tell it here so the rest of us can munch popcorn and enjoy your tales of woe and triumph?

Go go gadget introspect, Matazone~

ETA: or 283798349 (max) stories because this is a whole thread and i love stories. stop reading the rules, half of you have cursed in posts and yet you listen to me!? bah humbug etc. :P

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post Feb 26 2011, 03:41 PM
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To Lame For A Member Title

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There are lots of stories I can tell with a lot of different feelings and memories.
I have the feeling I want to write something, but am not sure what to tell.
I always have the feeling I want to give more because I know I have it.
but never know how to give it.. or when for that matter.

So I am going to tell a story that has not yet happened.

I am a dreamer,

always on my way, always looking for the new things. Thinking and
dreaming all night and day. Sometimes it is very hard and other days
it feels like there was never a thing like the nightmare I often have to
wake up in.
I escaped in my dreams, and they lead me to my future like they always did.
They are always the flashes like I lived that memory already.

I am now almost 21 but in my dreams I have always been 25.
I am travelling, on my bike trough India. I meet all kinds of people
that make me scared of the bigger meaning that lies above my head,
they show me that always looking for other dreams is a purpose.
They let me live, they and all the other people I met during my trip
towards the nothing I am driving to. I almost reached Australia,
not knowing what it is what I want to see or experience there.
All I see myself is laughing and enjoying the little moments that feel free.

Other moments I walk in the dark woods of Norway feeling my feet
freezing off because of the hard winter that is going on. I am looking
for someone, not knowing what that person should mean to me.
All I find is the beauty of nature, the mystic owls and the colours of the barks
that seem to protect me against my own heart.

I left my family, my life I am going to America. Not sure if I am chasing what
everybody else already went for. I am riding my bike looking at the large
trees that pass me. I stumble on a festival, it seems very cosy. I meet a girl
I am not going to talk to her but she is very close to my heart.
Like I can feel her heartbeat and she supports mine. Longing for her lips against mine,
I drive further away, away again.

When I come back to myself I am always wondering if I am running for something
or for feelings. Since I was about 13 when my nightmares where almost impossible
for me to carry, I am always wondering, did I already found it.

I like to believe like the Indians did, that the dream world is the world you are living in.
I always feel like I am looking for some kind of adventure, and looking back
that is always what I am chasing. I am leaving the decision to my dreams when the
day comes that I am going to live those memories.


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