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> Growing up and the last ten years, Well, it had to happen a little bit eventually
post May 11 2011, 12:45 PM
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Yesterday I was approved for a mortgage. The terms for professionals brought to the Netherlands are so ridiculously good that I would be insane not to buy over here, but nonetheless this is still a very Big Life Choice thingy that grown ups do.

I've been running this site for a decade (I really should commemorate this somehow when I get the time), and so naturally I've changed a fair bit. I've got my PhD, nearly learned to drive, I'm in a position of authority, I've moved to a different country, I've written a novel (though not got it published)... It's been a busy ten years and I could have sworn I was supposed to be a little childish, but looking at that list it seems I've done quite a lot of grown up things.

What have you done in the last decade, specifically what things are supposed to suggest you're now a grown up?

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post May 19 2011, 08:24 PM
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I've been finding this topic really fun and trying to figure out how to contribute to it without sounding too bitter, or too yay go me. When I think about the last ten years and what's to come, I seem to be in one of the two mindsets.

On the surface it looks like nothing has changed and I'm in exactly the same spot I was ten years ago. Eleven years ago I broke up with my boyfriend I had been with for three years and moved to Tennessee to be with, moved back home to California to live with my mom and try to pull my life together. I decided to do this by working and going back to school, so ten years ago I was living at home with my mom, working in as an assistant manager in a music store and going to school on my days off or at night. Ten years later, I am living at home with my mom, have no job and am going to school online. Well I was going to school online, the semester just ended and I'm not going back to that school. So generally it looks the same.

However, I feel like I've changed so much in the last ten years. I've earned two degrees and am working toward a third one. I left my retail life behind to dedicate myself to my schoolwork so that hopefully I when I finish my Master's degree I have a graphic design portfolio strong enough to get a job and/or be able to teach. I've gotten over my fear of flying which made me able to take multiple trips to England and I am moving there in a couple of months. I've gotten through my party every weekend faze of life and now seem to be a bit of a hermit, which is something I'm not overly keen on, but hopefully will change. I doubt I'll get back to that rotating weekend social calendar of bar hopping or keggers, but I would like to be more social.

On one hand I feel much more grown up mentally now than I was ten years ago, but on the other hand I feel like even more of a child. I think part of that has to do with the fact that I'm tired of living at home with my mom and having to abide by her rules which seem to get more strict the older I get, so that really makes me feel like a child. I do think though that I have hit that point a few times that Cand talked about about understanding things now that I'm older. That's a funny realization to have.

Hopefully the next 10 will hold a career and a home of my own for me and looking forward to that vs. having my own apartment so I can have parties I think is one of the most surprising changes. lol


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post May 20 2011, 12:27 PM
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Advice for the young at heart

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QUOTE (LoLo @ May 19 2011, 09:24 PM) *
I've been finding this topic really fun and trying to figure out how to contribute to it without sounding too bitter, or too yay go me. When I think about the last ten years and what's to come, I seem to be in one of the two mindsets.

Ditto. I keep writing a reply, and then deciding I am being too negative, and scrapping it. Yet I feel that the negative things that happened have been pretty important, so I should keep them in. Then I just give up for another day smile.gif
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