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> Secret Santa 2011, Look, snoo! I remembered!
post Nov 1 2011, 12:17 PM
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Candbrush Threepwood

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Yep, it's that time again. Gather round, kiddies, and sit on Santa Cand's lap sign up to get your very own Matazonian to shower with gifts costing around 5 (as of right now, that's about $8 US).


The deadline to sign up is the 25th of November. To sign up, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this post with your own information, post it in this thread, and then PM me your address. You need to send a PM even if you think I already have your address (unless you're moop, of course). It makes it a lot easier for me to keep track of everything, and the odds of me actually finding an address sent to me a year ago are slim to none.

Victims will be assigned soon after the sign-up deadline passes, and I'm going to say the deadline for sending gifts should be the 10th of December, given that some will have to be sent internationally. There's some wiggle room on the deadline, but be sure to let your victim know if his/her gift will be late (you'll receive the sign-in info for the Secret Santa account when one of Santa's helpers PMs you with your victim's name and address, and you can post in this thread under that username to ask questions, etc.).

Please don't participate if you think you might not be able to follow through
. Sometimes things beyond your control can come up, which is perfectly understandable, but if you're going to flake, for the love of Pete, let us know as far in advance as you can, okay? Okay.

If you've participated in the past, we will need to know the names of your previous victims to keep you from being paired up with them again. If you don't remember who they were (this is the fifth year we're doing this, after all), you can find last year's thread here. It should have your victims from the first three years in your initial post, and buried somewhere in the thread will be the name of the person you had last year. Ignore the fact that this post is almost identical to my initial post in that thread, please. Pretend I was witty and original this year. tongue.gif

ALSO: Santa may be needing a substitute helper to deal with handing out victims, since one of his evil little elves was injured in a freak reindeer mauling. She was trying to get them to pull her pirate ship or something...we're not quite sure. She'll be okay, but I suspect she might need someone to take her place this year. Any volunteers?

I think that's everything! PM me if you have any questions/concerns/chocolate/praise that can't go in the thread.


Name: Candice
Previous Victim(s): Ashbless, Cheesemoose, Elphaba, and gothictheysay
Likes/Dislikes: The past few years I've just asked for something to amuse me, and it has yet to fail me. I hate anything banana or cherry flavoured, should Santa feel like sending me food. Oh, and I'm a vegetarian, though I don't know why you'd send me meat. Never hurts to be sure, though. My favourite animals are deer, my favourite colour is green, and I harbour fantasies about moving to some remote location to become a beekeeper/hermit.

I love you in a way that is mystical and eternal and illegal in 20 states.
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post Dec 3 2011, 08:30 PM
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'Trouble Down Pit' now online!

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My pleasure - it's a bit of an obvious gift, but I didn't think you had seen it before and it's an essential guide to the British which hasn't dated at all! (Well, maybe a little bit, but not as much as people might initially think.) Given your recent arrival on the shores of my motherland, I figured it was well-timed advice. Now, be careful of the beer that makes your tongue wag at both ends!

The upside-down printing is completely accidental, but I think that's a rather nice unique feature! I've not seen that before in other copies smile.gif

Trouble Down Pit: Still updated every Monday and Friday
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