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> Things you did and didn't do in 2011
post Dec 31 2011, 04:50 PM
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This is a bit of a Chips Resolutions thread in disguise.

Things I did manage to do in 2011:
Buy a cat
Buy a house (and decorate said property without making it explode or dissolve)
Improve my (art) painting skills
Finish my first year of teaching

Things I didn't manage to do:
Edit my novel
Get around to selling any paintings

So, I guess those are on the list for things to do next year. What are your plans?

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post Jan 9 2012, 05:34 AM
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I could have written a short novel by this point

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Things I Did:
Started larping!
Became less of a Facebook addict.
Got a smart phone.
Stopped smoking and drinking in non-social settings.
Made quite a few good new friends.
Cut down on internet forum use.
Told my mom I like girls. (She called me a liar. Meh.)
Realized that cops are c*nts after getting arrested over a text message about cops being c*nts.
Got stoned with people old enough to be my grandparents, while they talked about their sex life. It was beautiful.
Let my friend dread my hair.
Became paged to an awesome knight.
Started dating one of my best friends.
Moved. Twice.
Spent a week living in a fantasy realm.
Discovered Words With Friends.
Stopped hating on the theists.

...All of that was from like October onward. My memory is failing me at the moment.

Things I Didn't Do:
Improve my grades after that one semester (now two semesters >_>) of completely screwing off. I get to fix that tomorrow, hopefully.
Discover a legitimate medical excuse for the major lethargy.
Read anywhere near as much as I would have liked to.
Stop procrastinating.
Exercise anywhere near enough (gym membership now though, woo).
Sleep with a married woman (rather proud of this one. Self restraint ftw.)

Things I Hope to Do:
Break off my current relationship. *sigh*
Win a tournament (at least at shire level).
5.0 GPA. When I say my grades sucked last semester, I don't mean B's lol. Fml.
Live up to my belt line's expectations.
Hit the gym regularly.
Hang out with my best friend.
Renew my passport.
Expunge my record.
Get along with my mother.
Gracefully leave being a teenager behind and assume adulthood. :3
...Job? Maybe.

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