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> Things you did and didn't do in 2011
post Dec 31 2011, 04:50 PM
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This is a bit of a Chips Resolutions thread in disguise.

Things I did manage to do in 2011:
Buy a cat
Buy a house (and decorate said property without making it explode or dissolve)
Improve my (art) painting skills
Finish my first year of teaching

Things I didn't manage to do:
Edit my novel
Get around to selling any paintings

So, I guess those are on the list for things to do next year. What are your plans?

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post Jul 25 2014, 01:34 PM
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After realising I was tantalisingly close to overtaking CiF, I recalled doing some research on the subject of the humour potential of dairy-based produce back in 2003. Unfortunately, in the last 11 years a lot of things have changed and all the paper research had gone, along with most of the computerised study data I'd accumulated. However, I did find a summary buried on a long-forgotten disc and this is a snippet which I feel covers the bases adequately enough:

Following extensive testing on various types of cheese, I summarise my findings thus:
1) Cheese has no sense of humour. When exposed to humour-based events, such as joke-telling, pratfalls or irony, cheese does not change state. Even when confronted with recent comedy star Peter Kay's line about cheesecake.

2) After four hours of monitoring cheese, nothing of a humorous nature transpires, meaning cheese is not likely to make for a witty raconteur at a party.

3) The test group responses to cheese related whimsy were mainly around the response of others to cheese, such as a child tasting Stilton for the first time, or one occasion where a block of cheese had been thrown and hit someone in an hilarious location (and by this I mean testicles, rather than Grimsby). Nobody reported any instances of when cheese was the source of frivolity.

4) When left for several weeks out of the refrigerator, cheese does start to display some jocular characteristics:
-a- Some of the cheeses, such as the Cheddar and Double Gloucester, displayed lots of mould, which some people said would make it taste funny.
-b- The Stilton didn't appear to be any mouldier for it's extended time outside the fridge, but it did taste quite good.
-c- The Gorgonzola appeared to be in a different location to where it was left, which turned out to be the presence of maggots which had taken up residence. One of the test group found this funny, but everyone else thought it to be "disgusting"

In conclusion, I can report that cheese is not inherently funny. However, if the reader enjoys humour that is either in bad taste or disgusting, then over time certain types of cheese could be construed as "funny".

So I guess cheese is funny if you like Frankie Boyle or Chubby Brown, but other than that, it's not.


Insert humorous comment here
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