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> Feeling like a grown up
post Jul 18 2012, 09:45 PM
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A friend just posted on Facebook that she has bought a washing machine for the first time. She is eight months pregnant and married, but buying the washing machine is the thing that felt grown up to her.

I've had a similar-ish thing this week myself - a first kiss in my own house while pretty sober... I think it was the location that did it. Generally the first kiss has been in a bar, at a party, or occasionally at a rented place I'm living, but doing this in my own house felt weirdly different.

What's made you feel grown up recently?

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post Jul 19 2012, 01:06 AM
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I could have written a short novel by this point

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Despite starting college, having been in a srs* relationship that's ending somewhat gracelessly, and being able to do most things without parental protest, I haven't had one of those moments yet.

I don't feel older, everyone else just seems younger by comparison. Maybe I should move out or get a job or do something else awfully adult-like.

*srs is intentionally typed like that because it makes me seriousness seem less serious tongue.gif


Ooh, I actually had a child moment while typing this.

Mom: I have a surprise for you.
Me: Oh yeah?
Mom: Yeah, go get my purse.
Me: *excepts money or something awesome*
Mom: But you have to clean the kitchen...
Me: Yeah yeah.
Mom: *hands me smiley face stickers*
Me: Oh... Thanks Mom...

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