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> You Dont Have To Read This, unless you are really bored
post Jun 19 2003, 05:29 AM
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i would prefer not to

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ok, first of all my story is overall soap opera-ish. so if youre gonna get angry listening to me complain, leave right now. ok, i am young. younger than you probably, and pretty strange and mature for my age. i never really trusted people. id never dated anybody... ever. all my friends tried to get me out and stuff like that, but i never did. recently a guy joey was asking me out- a lot. it got annoying but i never said yes because i never liked him that way, y'know? then he had a party and he seemed like the coolest person on earth, and, sadly i had fallen for him. a couple weeks later on the last day of school i said yes. for the first time ever. and guess what. the day after HE BROKE UP WITH ME. the day after. he said it was because he didnt want to date me over the summer because wed never see eachother. LIE. turns out a good friend of mine, carol (who joey has been madly in love with for a year) offered him a "romantic kiss" if he broke up with me. now tell me; was it wrong of me to forgive him? nothing ever happened between them.... so...... yeah. i really dought anyone read this far. my posts are too long....

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post Jun 19 2003, 06:43 AM
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Absentee Mod

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Nope, that post ain't too long...

Right, I'll get this outta the way first... we have some 13y/o on here so I guess ya slot somewhere in the "average" range. I'm WAAAAAAAY older, I bet wink.gif laugh.gif

OK, so let me get this right... ya hooked up wi this guy an the next day he dumped ya, yeah? For yer good friend? Hmmmmm... well, I'm no Jonman on this kinda thing but I'll give it a shot...

Yer first instinct was to say no to this guy. I'm big on instinct an if no is yer gut reaction then it's most likely the right one. Guys can get persistent to a "no" response an that might be why he kept tryin. (There could be another reason too horrible to contemplate, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt here.) If ya say no at first it might be best to stick wi that - but workin on me own experience here, I've seen plenty of people who eventually cave in, an end up in unhappy relationships. So ya prolly shoulda kept sayin no...

Anyways - this guy dumpin ya the next day. What a bastard!! mad.gif Sadly, there are guys like that. Not all, though. Dun let him put ya off. There are some worth huntin out, I promise!

Now the friend. What a bitch!! mad.gif Any friend that does that to ya isn't a friend at all. Ditch her. It matters not if ya think she's yer best friend in the entire world; friends don't do that stuff to each other.

Ahhh, I dunno if any o that helps...

/me hugs chester

I do those better... biggrin.gif

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post Jun 19 2003, 12:45 PM
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Engrish Ranguage Student

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/me hugs chester

Eat plenty of ice cream and throw darts at a picture of the scum ball and his new coccer spaniel **cough** sorry, girlfriend

Sorry you're feeling crappy but don't worry, there are nice blokes out there really, they just tend to hide.

Go Go Gadget WeeJ!
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post Jun 19 2003, 05:14 PM
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Super advanced member

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Oh, I did that at christmas. There was a guy wh opesterered me ,eventually I said yes (after getting slight crush). The problem was as soon as Id said yes I also though "WTF?" so spent a month trying to avoid him but he wouldnt get the hint. I couldnt dump him sraight away but regretted saying yes. EVery time Iwas wih him it was a chore. Really, your probably better off without. The friend aint a friend. Maybe we could get her hitched up with some of mine. Sounds similar.

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post Jun 19 2003, 09:35 PM
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suggestive cupcake

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I agree with Leo. What an absolute manwhore arseholed.. and many banworthy things I can't say on here. That's really awful. Don't let it scare you away from people, though. You have to be careful about that. Sounds to me like it took you a lot of guts to get out there, and then unfortunately you were plagued by a moron for a date, and he threw you on your face. But'cha can get back up. Just be careful of the arses out there, do yourself a favor. I'm pretty sure everyone on the forums can share something like that, so don't worry about complaining. =) Now, distribute his addy 'round here, and the kid will get a prompt beating. Not the good kind. And, your .. friend? What in christ sort of friend is that? Sounds to me she needs the bitch knocked out've her brain. Disgusting. Find people who deserve ya'. :(

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post Jun 20 2003, 06:44 PM
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hey kelly,
i still cant believe him....
i think the only reason he is obsessed with carol is because she wont say yes and if she did i bet he would break up with her..well maybe not...but thats his nature. wow....he was asking u out for longer than a strate month!!!thats whack!!!\
anyway...ill talk to u online smile.gif

p.s. joey wants u to im him because he thinks he is innocent...his screen name for aim or aol or wutever is punkrockskeleton

-melanie tongue.gif

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