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> Spam And Signatures., A few guidelines
post Jul 25 2003, 06:08 PM
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What is spam? There's a question that's the subject to much debate.

Basically it is a post that adds no new content to a discussion. Such as 'haha' or 'yeah, that's cool'.

How much is too much? Well, we all do it now and then, and if something was _really_ funny then it's good to show the poster that it amused us, but equally it really shouldn't be much higher than one in ten if indeed that many.

Spam can also be considered as a post that is very silly, some people consider things that are not 'about something' to be spam. I've not really got such a problem with this as long as it is something that people can respond to and it is in the Daft forum.

If it is a post starting a new topic and it is something that people really can't respond to then it is spam, for example, 'Topic: I have the best dog in the world, message: it's better than anyone's.' That's perhaps not a great example, but it doesn't really immediately bring out the need to reply to it.

There are also points about quantity again that should be considered here, one topic like this now and then and you won't be annoying people too much, seven topics like this in a day and you'll be really getting on people's nerves.

A way to avoid spamming is to make sure that you contextualise your response in a way that people can respond to, for example, instead of just saying 'haha', say 'haha, yeah, penguins are really evil, but I reckon puffins are worse. Hmm... What's the most evil sea creature?' or something like that. One line posts generally should be avoided as a rough rule because they don't add as much (that's by no means strict, but just something to bear in mind while typing).

As I said at the start, if you really don't have anything to say in response to something it is probably spam. Forums run on communication, spam is something that gets in the way of rather than promotes communication. It's okay now and then, we all occasionally post a tumbleweed, but too often and you won't be being funny you'll just be damaging the forum.

Just a few things to think about. This isn't being posted because I'm annoyed, it's just because I'd typed it in response to a PM on the subject and I thought it was worth having on record.

Have fun!


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post Mar 14 2004, 10:14 PM
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Just a couple of things which would make the Matazone experience (like the Jimi Hendrix Experience, but with more kittens and less LSD. Not much less LSD though) that much more shiny and happy for us all.

As you know (or should), swearing isn't allowed on the forums. Part of our job is to edit it out when people forget this. If you're quoting a post in which somebody swears and none of us have gotten around to editing it out, please edit it out yourself in the Quote Edit box. Otherwise, our job gets multiplied.

Another thing: nested quotes (quoting the post which quoted the post which quoted the post which quoted the post...) are unnecessary. You don't need to quote the last five posts, it just fills up the thread with unnecessary text. The same applies to images - having the same image five times in a thread because people kept talking about it isn't needed (unless it's the Bouncing Boob Thread, then it's okay).

Thanks smile.gif

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Mr Fuzzy
post Jan 29 2005, 12:21 AM
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One should probably also take a look at the link provided here if you aren't languishing on dialup. Although made for a different forum it says many wise things.

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