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> Holy Shnitzenhiemer!, I'm A Senior in High School!!
Silhouetted Misc...
post Aug 9 2003, 04:54 PM
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That's 'Sir Guppy' to you

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((Warning, I'm venting...so beware!)

Ugh.........my life is going to suck. As most of the US members on this board know, being a senior is a big thing. It's the year before you go out into the world and brave it with college, work and keg parties. Well, I'm not looking forward to it. I hate being a senior already, and school starts next week (yes, next week....Texas and Oklahoman school baords are freaking daft twits becuase we start school in August, not September!), and I don't want to go back! I'm considered the freak, the abnormality amongst my school mates just becuase I don't pay 100 bucks for a abercrombie tee shirt and I wear a lot, a lot of black. Who cares! I want to be appreciated for what I am, go to San Fran to my choice liberal arts school and direct/write indie films...but no! I can't! Becuase I live with a single mom, have no money, car/liscense! I can't afford to go to this school becuase I only have 300 dollars in the bank (although I'm still working)! And another thing, my freaking zebra butthole of a father isn't going to help worth shite, so I'm going to be stuck in freaking OKLAHOMA for the rest of my life. Someone save me! I want to see England again!

Maybe I should just get a one way plane ticket to Paris and become a vagabond. I could do it. Maybe, I would have to do some things I'm not normally willing to do freely for money, but hey, i'd be out of oklahoma.....oh god...i'm stuck here for ever!

*Cries* Oh sweet valar, save me!

"Life is like an ocean; you have to f**king drown in it to feel it's intesity." - George Jung (Blow)
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Sun Tsu
post Aug 9 2003, 04:59 PM
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Flip Mode Is The Greatest

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Good luck...
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Sir Psycho Sexy
post Aug 9 2003, 05:07 PM
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Technically a giant, intellectual midget.

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you think you got it bad?? i'm 20 next august (19 this year) but still, its a thought that scares the hell outta me

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silent screams
post Aug 11 2003, 01:09 AM
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Jane's Addiction rocks my socks.

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aw...i'm only a sophomore next year, and i'm still scared saneless. ya, i'm saving up my money for a plane ticket to australia. odd me. i might end up dropping out and regretting it. oh well. one day, you'll have lots of money and you can rub it into you're dad's face. and laugh at him all the way in england! HUZZA! ^.^

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post Aug 11 2003, 04:33 AM
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Advanced Member

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School starts tomorrow in North Carolina.

Fortunately I'm a sophomore in college and not so worried about that anymore. Anyhow, I had a fun time my senior year, teachers expect you to slack off a little. Key is, don't sweat it. You probably won't see a good many of these people again after you graduate so just relax. It gets better.

And ya know, I'd be all for vagabonding in Paris, except for the fact that I have this thing about personal hygiene and baths. I talked to a bunch of them over there, but it seems showers are fairly rare.

I leave you to draw your own conclusions. With crayons, no doubt.
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post Aug 11 2003, 02:11 PM
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Holey Great Mother of God ive been cloned!!!

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yeah i dun want senior year either.... from 6th to 10th grade i was a nerd and a poser.. 11th grade i kinda blossemed. this summer ive become a regular sex kitten and are beatin guys off with a stick lol. but when i go back to school there not gonna see the new me there gonna see the old me and keep harassin me. i dunno.. i want them to see the new me but i know they wont. they will just see the dork with poofy hair and glasses like when i started at the end of 11th grade they didnt notice and now that im full out i still dont think they will notice.

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post Aug 13 2003, 11:22 PM
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I live again......

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personally nummy if people dont like you for who you are they are not worth the time. Being in Canada if I still went to school it would be after the logn weekend in september. I do know how important senior year is but do not swet it, things will go great.

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