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> I Feel Guilty, Someone tell me not to. lol
post Sep 16 2003, 09:48 PM
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Kiefer > Jason

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So a couple of weeks ago we had this sidewalk sale at work. Since this store is actually on the street and not in a mall the sidewalk sale actually took place on the sidewalk. So I'm watching the stuff on the sidewalk, kicking back in my chair making sure people don't steal anything and catching some rays while doing so. So why do I feel guilty? Here's the actual story that was just the setting:

So here I am kicking back in my lawn chair in the upper 90 degree weather just watching this woman and her three kids as they browse through all the christmas crap on the table. I look to my left and I see this thing flying around in the air. It flies and smacks into the windows of the empty storefront nextdoor and then flies past me and runs into one of the kids legs. It was a bat and it propped there on her legs for a minute until she freaked and then it crawled under the table.

So we call animal control and they show up maybe an hour later and catch the bat, which had just been chilling out behind a box and take it to the animal shelter to be destroyed. Thing is I had to inform him of the contact the little girl had with the bat. It was skin bat contact because she was wearing shorts. I found out from him that the scratch the little girl complained about feeling was probably a bite from the bat. This area only has fruit bats so I was a little confused about this. I guess cause it was sick (easy to tell there was something wrong with the bat seeing that it was out in the daytime in really hot weather) it was more apt to bite whatever it happened to run into.

We got in touch with the childs parents and had them get in touch with animal control so they would find out what to do. One of the nice thing about having not much of a change in the customer clientell is that we were lucky enough to know these particular individuals who were shopping there.

So again, why do I feel guilty? Animal control calls us yesterday and tells us that the bat tested positive for rabies. Now this poor little 8 year old girl has to go through a series of rabies shots. I don't know if people know but that's a lot of shots that are very painful to get, from what I'm told. I can't help but think I should have said something rather than just watching this bat fly around. I could have said something like watch out! instead of being fascinated by this night creature out in the daytime. I could have got up from my chair and let the bat slam into my body which was covered in clothing, rather than sit back in my chair and let it slam into a little kid with a tank top and shorts on. Thing is I didn't. I sat there, watching the bat. I sat there watching as the little girl screamed. I sat there watching as the bat crawled under the table. I only got up and said something once I came out of my daze and the bat had crawled safely behind a box under the table.


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Mr Fuzzy
post Sep 16 2003, 09:57 PM
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It's easy to look at things with hindshight and say you should have done this or that, but at the time did you know the bat was going to bite someone? Did you know it had rabies?

I don't know about anybody else, but I've seen nocturnal creatures during the day many times, and we don't even have rabies here. You weren't to know and, truth be told, there was probably very little you could have done. If it was going to bite someone it was going to bite someone. That's rabies for you.

Don't feel you should take on a responsibility that isn't yours. Even though the shots are bad, rabies is one of the nastiest diseases out there. At least the girl is having treatment so her nervous system isn't going to be completely destroyed in an agonising manner.

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Cath Sparrow
post Sep 16 2003, 10:00 PM
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I dont really think you have anything to feel guilty about you weren't to know what was going to happen. It probably al happened fast and I would have probably just watch as it happend because it would be so unexpected. If you hadnt told the animal control about the girl then you would have something to feel guilty about cause she wouldn't be getting the shots which are now stopping her from getting ill!

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post Sep 17 2003, 11:37 AM
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I'm with the other two on this one, despite it seeming like there was something you could have done in reality any action could have caused something else to happen. Perhaps if you had got in the way then it would have flown off and bitten someone else who didn't then bother to get it checked out and they could have died so it that case you've saved a life!

That's the thing about the world, we never truly know the consequences of our actions so we just have to make the best of whatever happens, which is what you have done.

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post Sep 17 2003, 11:44 AM
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Mata's right - you can't say "If I'd done this, that would have happened", because you don't know. Besides, yeah, shots suck, but it's just shots, the kid'll get over them. She could have gotten rabies.

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post Sep 18 2003, 07:38 PM
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Awwww sad.gif I'm really sorry that the little girl will have to have those shots. I have never had them, but my mother had a friend who had to get the shots, and she told me a long ago about how painful they were (she heard her friend from the waiting room unsure.gif ).

It really isn't your fault though. Even if you did get up to try to get the bat away from them, there is no guarantee that it would have worked out as you wanted it to. One time there was a bird in our store when I worked at the mall, and these kids kept trying to torture it. I didn't know what to do, so I thought if I could get the bird to fly out of the store, then it would be safer (must be better than it staying in a kids' store, right?). When I tried to get the bird to fly out of the big doorway though, instead it flew to the right and smack into the glass wall.... The poor bird died, and I ended up crying because I felt like I murdered it. The point of this? You never know what is going to happen.... You didn't know that the bat was going to bite the little girl. If you did, you would have tried to stop it. But you also don't know what would have happened if you had tried to stop it. The bat might have still bit the girl and also bit you.... Who knows? You should not feel guilty!
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post Sep 18 2003, 07:53 PM
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Took this grammar!

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LoLo don't feel guilty. You don't have any reason to. From the way you described it, it doesn't look like you could have done anything. How were you to know that the bat would land on a person and bite them? It may have seemed like yu had time to react but you didn't. Things seem to go slower when something bad happens but the whole thing from when you saw the bat to when it bit the little girl was probably less than a minute. Don't feel guilty. I wouldn't have done anything either. It's not that I'm a bad person, I just would have been a little stunned to see a bat in full daylight. It's not like I get up every day thinking about all the bad thigns that could happen and trying to mentally prepare myself for them...that's just weird... Actually if you had known exactly what to do and had reacted really quickly, I would have wondered about what you thought about all day....

It's not your fault...it was a freak accident.

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post Sep 18 2003, 08:16 PM
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Don't worry about it LoLo, I've done dumber things.
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