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> Greetings And Salutations, I'm new.
post Dec 25 2003, 04:35 AM
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Novice Guppy

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From: North Providence, RI
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Hey there, my name is Julie and I'm new to the forums. I love Sarah the Little Goth Girl and my favorite cartoon with her is The Little Goth Girl and The Space Hopper... I can't remember but I think that's right.. lol But yeah. ph34r.gif

"If you really think that your inteligence is determined by some standardized system well, then, you can't be that smart. Having the ability to quote memorized information is hardly worth such joy..." W.H.B.

"All the demons I have conquered to be free." Criss Angel/XTC

"Nighty night, don't let the evil flesh eating bed babies bite." Johnny The Homicidal Maniac (JtHM

"Ooh! Cute little gothy bunnies!" Sarah The Little Goth Girl (StLGg)

"What a cute icky bunny! I shall name you Hoppity!" StLGg
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post Dec 25 2003, 05:20 AM
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in the end there is only me.. *CENSORED*

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Hiya and welcome to the forums.. its always nice to have another LGG fan!!! happy.gif how are you todae? erm.. lets see.. be warned we are an odd bunch.. we dont bite unless u ask us to... and we find cheese funny laugh.gif

o yah. BTW im Magik... or u can call me Krys

Forever Forbidden
take me into the darkness..........
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Sir Maxerpopple
post Dec 25 2003, 03:19 PM
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Is conformity, consumption, and obedience really that bad?

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Wilkomen, see you in "Issues"

*runs off to debate more in Issues forum*

Still around, just lurking.
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post Dec 25 2003, 05:15 PM
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From: Kingston, MA (US)
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hello. im acidteardrop, but you may call me what pleases you. typically i go by Erik, ATD or STD.

and join krys' sex army.

im now sextastically married to krys (magikeyes)! i love you so so so so soooooo much!///im engaged to liz(edward_lover)!///I LOVE YOU BOTH!!///I am Missy's slave! yay me!///Krys is my loving girlfriend...i love you infathomably with all my heart, mind, body, soul!///killersquirrel is my first noob ever ^_^///Trina(Spiffy) is me ickle sis! ^_^ /me wuvs trina///Shelly(werewolf) is my older sister! be nice! :P///I am engaged to VVes!///Mina(deaq) is me new n00bie! I LOVE YOU, MIAN!///i have three more n00bies; baldricks gherkinator. they are Jen, David, and Sebastian///Jen must be kept away from microwaves at all times. David must be kept near Jen permanently. Sebastian must not be fed peanuts...he prefers walnuts....

/\_/\ (\ _ /} i would cry but my tears have been stolen
(^.^ ) (='.'=) i would scream but my voice has been taken
(U U ) .(")_(") thus i write.
kitty attributed to Tigerlily PM me if you are reading ths, i have something to tell you
BI PRIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
http://www.webpost.net/ac/acidteardrop/all...ebelongtous.JPG (sorry, that picture's way too big -Commie)
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post Dec 25 2003, 09:48 PM
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As cliched as it sounds, the world is coming to an end. *nods*

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From: You tell me. e_e
Member No.: 652

Hello! laugh.gif *waves* Welcome about, Julie! Enjoy your loverly stay, post 'n relax. cool.gif If you ever need any help or just wanna talk and blah-ness, PM or IM me! ^_~

~ And, since we seem to be doing names quite a bit lately, mine's normally Sammi tho' you can call me whatever you really want, I suppose. happy.gif; *points to username* YAY!

Krys owns my n00by arse! Twinkie-eating chinchilla. Fear meh! >D Official possessed blueberry of the Evil Empire.Official tree-hugger hugger of the Hug Cult. <3
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the lil' pie...
post Dec 30 2003, 12:36 PM
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Don't you just love hot water bottles?

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From: York University
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Gender: Female

hey julie, have some pie *hands her magic pie*

*whispers* it makes you purple. how about that?! laugh.gif

It's not so bad being trendy, everyone who looks like me is my friend...


Freshers Flu is a buttmunch.
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post Jan 4 2004, 06:02 PM
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Super advanced member

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Well greetings and salutations right back at you. biggrin.gif Are you a Heathers fan, or have you just adopted the lingo?
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