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> Official Thread For "being Away For A While"
the lil' pie...
post Feb 25 2004, 02:34 PM
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it's just a wee idea i had, there might be another one, or it might not work. either way, a mod can delete it if it's not needed etc.

just thought, all the time there are threads from people saying they'll be away for a while, or they can't get online, or they're just downright leaving because of RL. so, i guessed a thread where people can just announce it might save mata's space, which is always a good thing.


some feedback on this??

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post Sep 24 2009, 06:39 AM
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I've been away for sometime, thanks to school and then work. It's been crazy over the past year for me. I think I posted somewhere around here that I was working for the company that did the post production for Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos. Back in Feburary NBC announced they were moving the shows to Stamford, CT. That was on a Friday and the next Monday it went from 3 assistant editors to me for two shows and 10 editors plus whatever else was thrown at me, so I worked on average 10 - 12hour days and a few lovely 16 and 17 hour days sprinkled in there. At first I was kind of mad that this happened, but I took advantage of the situation and moved with pretty much all but two of the of the editors to Stamford, CT. For those who don't know where Stamford, CT is, which is most people it's about 40 miles northeast of NYC. Anyway so I worked ridiculus hours through July at my old job and it only took NBC until the second week of July to decide they were letting the head editors pick their assistants, so I had a whole three weeks to find a new apartment, pack, get rid of my old apartment, and move 850miles. I moved into downtown Stamford, I have grown adverse to driving so I live right down the street from work and walk everywhere. I was going to move into NYC and commute out on the train, but several people talked me out of it, I'm already ready to trade my walk for the train ride, I'm not a suburban kind of guy and not that Stamford is a bad place, it's just not my kind of place. I have yet to really "hang out" in Stamford, I work long hours during the week and go into the City on the weekends. If it werent't for the fact that I'm living in the nicest apartment I have ever lived in I would have probably already broken my lease and moved into the City, but I may hang out for 6 months and then break my lease or wait it out until next summer. Either way I'm eventually moving into the City. So anyway that long story is why I haven't been around much.

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