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> The Suckyness Of Life, venting
post Mar 3 2004, 12:51 AM
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The Wrath of The MUFFIN

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Ah yes life.. it sucks right about now. For many a reason but that will take all day to explain so i'll just vent a few of my problems now.

The bigest of my problems involves my parents. they are fighting for the 100th time now and it has lead to my dad moving out and living with my g-pa. They are again fighting over the stupid things, and my mom isn't willing to forgive my dad on things he has done in the past(like years in the past) my dad is depressed and insane(takin meds) but my mom still fears him. So it came down to my dad deciding to live with my g-pa for a while to see if works out, and let my mom have a break from him. I hope it does.. becuse if they get a divorce we will more then likely loose everything(house mainly)

problem #2- As some of you know from one of my old threads me and my g/f broke up and as i feared she is "corrupt" now. She hates my guts now for some reason(more then likely her dumb ass friend that doesn't know how to deal with relastionships telling her crap) and acts like i never loved her, which i still do. I was thinking maybe i made a mistake and we should try to go back out, but after our last talk, i knew i did the right thing.

#3- Some people are hating me right now just because i wasn't able to get tickets to the Linkin Park concert that was near us. I got the money from them and told them i would try, but i need to find a ride first. Well i found one and when i went to get the tickets i couldn't so we couldn't go and now i got some my friends pissed at me, i guess they have a right to since i told them i would get the tickets... but didn't so i will take the blame for this... just the fact that i failed and let people i car about down, pissed me off.

#4 There is a guy on another forum that is pissing me off to no exterme about self mutilation, and how i should "fix" my mental problems. I want to open that closed minded lil F*ck with a 22 right now...

the end for now

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post Mar 3 2004, 01:00 AM
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Apparently squishy

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Uber hugs for you, meh Muffin Man...

As for your mom and dad, major hugs for you, Muffin...that's about all I can do from here...sad.gif

After hearing about all this stuff with your ex over the past few weeks, I can definitely agree that you did the right thing. I know it burns now, but you'll feel so much better about it in the long run if you don't already feel assured about it now.

And that guy on the other forum, meh...he can get over himself. dry.gif
And it started out as such a lovely yet mildly depressing thread...oh well...

I don't really have anything to offer except much hugging, so....


We love you... biggrin.gif

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post Mar 3 2004, 01:35 AM
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sad.gif I'm sorry Muffin.

Things are going to get better, I'm not sure how long it'll take, but things will get better. Just try to stay positive and know you have people all over the state who care about you smile.gif


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the lil' pie...
post Mar 3 2004, 02:53 PM
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Don't you just love hot water bottles?

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and over the pond tongue.gif not that i know you that well, but *huggles*
tell the other bloke he's a f***berry biggrin.gif it's my best new word!!
and chin up, you've got plenty of great people on here i can see care lots smile.gif

It's not so bad being trendy, everyone who looks like me is my friend...


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post Mar 3 2004, 03:08 PM
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Holy Goddess of Natopia... since 1985

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Nah, call that other guy a F*ck Stain! Cuz no one likes them. And they describe some people perfectly.

Unfortunately all you can do about your mum and dad is ride it out. For your gf, I'm sure you did what is best (I went through something similar) and I hope you guys can still be friends after this. She will realise she has her own opinion of you, not the same as her stupid friend.

So for now *hugs* cuz that's what we're here for, and to give advice when you need it.

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