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> Bad Parenting, some people shouldn't procreate.
Aislinn Faye
post Jun 24 2004, 08:05 PM
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My cute little Aislinn!

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Okay, now, this is more of a rant, but I had to get it off my chest. My stepdad doesn't have custody of his son, so his son (tyler, who's eight) comes down six weeks out of the year. Tony (the step dad) only works four days a week. When he's home he's either sleeping or spending it with my evil bitch of a mother a.k.a. "justa egg donor". Last year when Tyler was here, they sent him to a six week camp, and now that he's here he's always getting dumped off on me. Which I somewhat mind, but Tony is spending no time with his son. He didn't spend father's day with him, or his kid's own birthday (mind you he was home on the b-day) and the whole father's day thing, tyler had to share his dad with my evil bitch of a mother. (it feels so good to call her that laugh.gif )
This is where it gets ugly. Last night, Tony is eating in his own room (and he tells us no food anywhere but the kitchen) and so Tyler brings some pizza rolls in and trips and spills them. Tony goes off the wall, he threw pizza rolls all over the kitchen,the floor, the wall.. the freakin' ceiling. and broke the plate they were on. He told Tyler to pick it up. This didn't fly with me. I walked into Tony's room and told him exactly what I thought of him as a parent. Which got me on restriction and a lecture about how I'm not to judge adults. This annoys me, I don't mind being on restriction, what bother me was that I had to clean up the mess, and that Tony acted like a complete child "Get out of my room!" "Leave me alone!" "Yeah, well...whatever!!" Not to diss my own age group but that sounds like a whiney teen, and he's 42!! Another thing that bugged me is that he lost his temper to an eight-year-old, and tyler was scared, and what was sad is that he ran to me. When my mom got home, I got bitched out (a couple of weeks before all this I got fed up and told her how I felt about her being my mom, the wench only had me for money dry.gif ). I really don't feel like I was in the wrong, I saw something that I thought was unjust and spoke up. I was told that my opinion doesn't matter, which is bull, I do all the housework (including their laundry) and watch the kids, I sure as hell better have a say-so. So.. yeah...

"I can kill catering with a thought!" - Darth Vader
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post Jun 24 2004, 08:19 PM
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Vive y Deja Vivir

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Ugh. This just goes to show that you never have any idea what the f*ck goes on behind closed doors. It can seem like people are leading happy perfect lives, until you actually listen to what's going on.
While we're calling asshole parents bad names, let me have a go: son of a bitch, good for nothing, can't even get your f*cking GED, you lazy bastard. Judging other people before you look at your own failure of a life, how dare you?!
Okay, I'm done. Maybe someone should edit that for me.

I'm sorry Tony sucks so bad *hug* I live with someone who has the temperment of 10 year old too, while he's 41. It's frustrating, because even though they're supposed to be in charge, you feel like you have an advantage over them. In fact, Tony sounds a lot like my step father (who we lovingly call Herr Gestapo). Good for you for speaking up, I've never found the courage to do that to my stap father, I've never put him in his place.
Hoo-man, I'm sorry. Just, whatever you do, don't let Tyler grow up to be like Tony, for the love of god. That's a struggle I'm having: Keeping my 7 year old brother from growing up like Eddie.

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post Jun 24 2004, 10:01 PM
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Shut up, noob!

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I hate to say this, but I'm not exactly the best when it comes to advice. I'm just a short, fat, bearded guy who listens and makes here-and-there suggestions. I understand the problems you're going though better than anyone here, save Sakura possibly, but all I can do for you is listen, suggest and possibly help.

I know that your mom and stepdad are completely nuts (for the rest of you guys, I couldn't hug her in front of her mom because she'd accuse Aislinn of trying to sleep with me; she want apepoo when she knew I was nineteen, though cooled off when we said we met in high school). I also know that you're leaving in a few months and I'm beyond happy about it (even though you're moving into Deliverence territory dry.gif ). One Bible verse I recall though I have thought of in a long while, though I can't recall it exactly, talked about leaving others to their sin, as in if they want to live a hellish life, let then god damn go for it. Do your damndest to get through, but don't think you can change the household into Leave It To Aislinn. I'm pretty sure you're not thinking you'll get that far, but still sweetie. Don't worry about them; worry about you. What would Ayn Rand do?

With every breath...and all that I am...I will make a stand...until the end.

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