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> Money, - how come I've never got any...?
You deny me fres...
post Oct 5 2004, 11:47 AM
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Brain hurting...and my socks filled with...cheese??

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Just a small and simple rant about the fact that i am poorer than I'd like to be and cant do anything about it. I'm currently un-employed, and therfore desperately seeking work to fund my cream cake and badly written comics fixation. But despite living in one of the bigest cities in the world (London) and having good education and two years previous experiance can get any work, my supply of cash is therefor quickly dwindling to nothing and I'm becoming increasingly irritable as i cant go out, get drunk and listen to badly played rock songs in small overly crowded smoke filled rooms. This isn't helped by the fact that all of my buddies are now a £15 1 hour train ticket away and are just as poor as i am (cos theyve been spening ther money getting drunk and listen to badly played rock songs in small overly crowded smoke filled rooms). Ah the fun fiilled despare never stops. (Sighs in pretentions and melodramatic way.)

Oh well....


P.S. thanks to all the people who rembered me from my previous very breif stay, planning to become more regular once have some cash.

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post Oct 5 2004, 12:38 PM
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I could have written a short novel by this point

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I feel your pain. When one must go searching through seat covers to continue to put gas in the car It begins to wear a person down.

You've had the spiel about a good 2 page max resume with cover letter, I imagine? Yada, yada tailored to specific employer showing you've bothered to see if they support the beating of small children and eating of kittens? Yup, I imagine you've heard the good advice ad nauseum.

Good luck, they'd be a fool not to hire you, and other good wishes for returning to smoke filled rooms.

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post Oct 5 2004, 01:34 PM
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'Trouble Down Pit' now online!

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You have my sympathy, being skint really is no fun, and being skint when your friends are far away is even less fun. I've done that, except without the money for booze and bad rock music.

I always found that wearing a suit (even a rather knackered, worn out one) to go to talk to temp agencies massively increases your chances of getting regular work from them. You also need to be firm about what kind of work you want, but polite and interested in _absolutely anything_ they offer you, unless it really is utterly unlike anything that you want to do, eg. you want office jobs from them and they offer you salad packing.

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post Oct 5 2004, 10:59 PM
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Shut up, noob!

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Hey, Freshmaker.

I feel your pain. I have no money ever. I work only a few days a week and it's all being funneled into buying a POS car.

Ever since my car accident, I've been out of touch with most of my friends (since most of my friends are either in the city, in the next town over and don't have cars). Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet. Yeah, I know it's easier said than done and it still sucks, but hang in there, mate. Be strong. wink.gif

One thing I do have going for me is my ecclectic mix of jobs. I've done construction, detailed cars, changed oil, worked retail, washed dishes and made pizzas. Though, I do have a knack of getting screwed out of jobs (may God reign down fire on Sandy Bottoms, Papa John's and the Ron Anderson Corporation).

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Silver Star Ange...
post Oct 5 2004, 11:32 PM
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The Six Train.

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I'm terribly sorry about your situation. I'm the wrong person to discuss financial matters with...I'm a horrible spender. I hope things will get better for you. Have a Happy Cake! *hugs and hands you a cake*

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