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My interests? Trying not to kill myself and get good grades at school.
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11 Jul 2004

My kitty-cat, Zak has a cold too!

Hes a long-haired white and blu persian. We've had him since i was 4 and he is simply the lovelyist cat!

On wednesday, he was sent to the vets to get de-matted, whcih meant most of his lovely hair was cut off and the rest of it washed. Now, he kinda has a mohawk cause this sides have been all shaved off sad.gif

Now he cam in last night sneezing and all cold:( I just kept giving hugs but hes pretty sick:(


21 Jun 2004

I've not been on in agggges! But, today tis my burf-day! I am officially 14! woo!

Anyway, for my b-day, got a very pruty stagg BC300 bass and its purple! But, i dont know what to call it! Please help!

I thought of Schtag, but i dunno!

Please help!

Luv Smee xx
21 May 2004
A while back one of my best mates(who is female)became attacted to me, and we started fooling around. I knew it was against my religion, so i tried to end it. But the more i tired to, the more i became attacted to her. After a while, we decided to end it. I still had feelings for her. (still do slightly) she now going out with this guy, adn they're all pushing it into my face who great their relationship is. I got so annoyed over it, that i nearly lost the lot of them. They really hurt me with what they said, adn i done the hardest thing to forgive them, But now i seem to be going through the same loop. My mate whom i am really close to, started going out with my other mate, and has pushed me out. I made a vow to not see any guys (or girls!) til i finish my exams, but its freaking hard! I don't know wht to do! Please help!
21 May 2004
At this very moment my big nOOb, fal (Fallen Element) Is sitting his maths exam!
He was up all last night revising! I hope he does welll!!!!!!!!
20 May 2004
Grr this is really getting to me. I just wanna get it out. I dunno if i'm right or wrong plz help!

In Febuary i was moved up into 5th year (16-17years) at school, cuz i was getting bullied cuz im bright. It just happened to be that i picked the same subjects as my older brother. He has now left school, well he was actually forced to. He started suffering from innsommia and i was unable to attend school because he slept during the day instead. When i was moved up, he began to get jelous, and pick fights with me every now and a again. He thought that he could shout at me and hit me all he liked. Today, at lunch, he started on me again. This time, he pinned me down by my wrists and spat on me etc. When i finally managed to get away, i went upstairs to phone my dad. He walked in while i was on the phone and as soon as i hung up for my dad fone the house, he started on me again. This time, i punched him the jaw and kicked me to the ground holding me against a foldup bed i have. my neck clicked along with my arm. He kept shouting at me to get out of the house. I stayed curled up in my room, crying. My dad told to i was to go to school, late. I'm just back from school. My head is killing me, my back in really sore and my neck is stiff and clicks if i move it. I'm not in a lot of pain right now, i'm just so metally tired. I dont wanna get him charged or anything. But my dad is believing everythin he is saying.
I dunno what to do. He's out the now.
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