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10 May 2004
I think we all know what it is. Anyway, this seems to be a political topic thrown about quite a lot lately. Here we go:

Do you think the U.S. would have any justification in reinstating the draft due to the war in Iraq?

If the U.S. did reinstate it, how do you think the general public would react?

Do you think military service should be completely voluntary or are there some cases in which patriotic duty outweighs personal choice?

Do you think the concept of a draft goes against ideals of personal liberties?

What would you personally do if you found yourself in a position to be drafted? Would you comply or dodge?

Just some topic starters to get you thinking, but feel free to say whatever or go off on other related ideas. Guidelines, not rules. I'll be back with my opinions when things have heated up a bit more...
8 Apr 2004
I was at church the other day (because living in my parents' household obligates me regardless of my actual beliefs) and there was a collection to benefit Catholic missionary work in Africa. I saw my mother put a five in the basket. I couldn't stop thinking about it for the rest of the mass.

Obviously, those people in church who were donating thought of the whole thing as good. The more people the better. Humanitarian work. Saving the natives' souls. Is this the reality?

OR... do you think it's just forcing your own culture and beliefs on people who probably don't need or want them? Is it brainwashing? Is it an attempt at too much homogenization of the world?

Also... I know that Christian factions are into evangelization as well as, I believe (correct me if I'm wrong), Muslims. Do all faiths do it and to what extent?

Personally, I can see the benefit in organized faiths being open and welcoming to those who would voluntarily like to explore the religion and reaching out and informing and accepting those people. But I can't see how specifically seeking people out with the agenda to convert them is good. It sends the message of "what we can give you is a lot better than what you've been raised with". And targeting tribal people who have cultivated a rich and unique faith over hundreds or thousands of years in order to sway them towards the more mainstream just seems like destruction of culture and history. Like tearing down the rainforest and constructing a McDonalds (not that Christianity or any other large religion is necessarily the McDonalds. I have nothing against these faiths on most counts).

Well, please everyone tell me what you think.

(One little thing... anyone here read "The Poisonwood Bible"? Deals rather well with these issues, I believe.)
23 Mar 2004
I'm one of the only people I know that enjoys foreign film. Some of the complaints I've heard from people who don't like them are: "Subtitles distract me", "You... er... actually have to think about them", "I don't understand... they're too surreal". Hollywood is known more for car crashes and explosions than deep philosophical musings. I think that's unfortunate because many Americans are now conditioned to think that what makes a good movie is whether or not it has the power to give you a heart attack and/or rupture your eardrums. I watched 'Amelie' with a friend and she thought it sucked because it didn't fit what she was used to.

So, anyone have any favourite movies and/or any theories about foreign movies versus traditional Hollywood?
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