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17 May 2007
So, I'm putting captions on cats today, and I come across another article about Paris Hilton. In case you actually have something to do with your lives other than trawl through articles about anything and everything, here's a little summary.

Last year, Paris Hilton was caught drink-driving and had her licence suspended for 3 years. She was pulled over by police earlier this year, and was given a 45 day jail sentence, which has now been reduced to 23 for 'good behaviour', which she will serve in short order. The articles in question arose not because some celebrity was caught comitting a crime, but because people were trying to get her off the hook. Some time after she received her sentence, petitions arose on the internet, from fans (as a side note, what does this woman do that generates fans?) who thought that she should be let off. At the time of the first article going up, one such petition had around 11,000 names. Naturally, the internet being the residence of many people, other petitions arose doing the exact opposite. I believe these ended up outweighing the original, but this is not the point.

I take issue with several things raised by these articles. Firstly, the very idea of petitioning the Governator to let her off is ludicrous. It also irritates me beyond belief that she apparently has commented on the petition, which appeared on myspace, encouraging people to sign it. People should not be sentenced according to how popular they are. Simple as that.

Secondly, it irritates me that she used ignorance as a defence, as apparently, she employs someone to open all of her mail, and therefore didn't know that her licence had been suspended. Allegedly, she just signs whatever this person puts under her nose (which, I might add, resulted in someone making the marvellous suggestion that someone should put the anti-Paris petition in front of her). I really hope for the sake of the collective intelligence of humanity that she plays up the stupid when it suits her. I mean, seriously, did she think there would be no repercussions for doing something which is illegal because it's dangerous? But again, this is not the point.

Finally, the point. Whilst doing porridge, she will be staying in a special block reserved for "celebrities, public officials, police officers, and other high-profile inmates". This is really what I wanted to bring up. Should 'high profile' people really be segregated like this? I doubt they receive any special treatment, but still. Exceptions are being made based on the popularity and fame of a person. I can understand the argument that perhaps she would be victimised were she placed with 'regular' inmates, but I'm fairly certain that there are prison wardens to prevent this taking place, and is that not just another price of fame?

Should this seperation of celebrities and common men take place?

5 Dec 2006
Not really an issue, as such, but something that perhaps people might venture an opinion on.

Anyway, a while ago, whilst browsing El Reg, I came across an article about an organised event called Global Orgasm. This is basically an idea proposed by some people who believe in collective consciousness between all humans and want to, as the writer of the article so succinctly puts it, "inject some positive input into the Earth's energy field", although they don't put it quite so crudely as the article itself.

Now, this isn't actually what this post is about. The brief article is also about something I'd come across before whilst doing some research, and had long since forgotton about; the Global Consciousness Project (GCP). Now, essentially, the GCP is an ongoing project which collects packets of binary data output from devices called REGs (Random Event Generators), also nicknamed EGGs (meaning electrogaiagrams), which produce a supposedly random output based on the application of an algorithm to the white noise produced by a radioactive source. The results are collated in Princeton University, though the REGs are all over the world, and are around 65 in number.

What is the point of this, you ask? The general idea is to see whether global events that engage many people match up with deviations in the data stream from the statistical average. The GCP Website has more information on what they wish to conclude from it. There are supposedly many instances of major world events which correlate with deviations in the data, by varying degrees, again, examples available on the GCP site. Group meditation sessions also supposedly have altered the output of the REGs. Naturally, the reason this was linked from the Global Orgasm site, was that they expect that the event will cause some such deviations, or at least, are interested in seeing whether it will or not.

Now, I don't really categorise myself as a believer or a skeptic towards this, I just find it interesting, and was wondering what other people think of the idea of global consciousness. Do you believe in it? Do you think the people at the GCP are wasting their time? Do you feel the methodology is too unscientific?

18 Nov 2006
"LOL, Microsoft Firefox is the merging of unsurpassed technologies, and will effectively trash all its competitors, LMAO!" - Walt Mossberg, Wall Street Journal

After Microsoft's most recent acquisition, I hope you are all remembering to download the new leader in web browsing, Microsoft Firefox 2007 Professional Edition.

As they say on the site: It's better now...like, seriously...

27 Sep 2006
Right. I am fed up of looking for stuff by myself, so I'm doing the sensible thing and asking.

I have recently acquired (note: not bought) a small white thing with an Apple logo on that plays music (read: an ipod). However, pleased as I am that I was offered the pretty, but horribly expensive thing for free, I am finding I have a few difficulties.

All my music, with very few exceptions, is in Vorbis.


Apple do not like Vorbis.

As a result of this, I can currently only listen to KOMPRESSOR. Needless to say, KOMPRESSOR would probably sort this out by crushing people like he crushes American burgers until something was done about it, but this is, believe it or not, one of the areas of life in which I feel KOMPRESSOR and I are different. Ahem, back to the point.

So, here I am with many a gigabyte of ogg-related goodness that my ipod does not, and probably never will play, and no batch conversion program that I can find that's free. So, if anyone knows of any application that I may acquire to turn all my oggs into mp3s without doing them all seperately, or even better (though research seems to suggest this isn't possible without installing linux where linux should not be) a way to get the ipod to play vorbis, it would be much appreciated.
8 May 2005
Not an overly important thing, or a fault as such, but didn't there used to be a LGG head where the IPB logo is on unread forums? And wasn't there a kind of bluey version of one on the main title bar thing as well?

Just an observation.
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