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I'm attracted by the potential for reckless abuse of power.
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Hmm... Interesting question. My interests are mostly in the arts; I do some comedy every once in a while, but my real passions are music (I sing, play tuba, piano, and the radio) and writing (currently working on an unreasonable number of projects.) I currently am the groupie to one of the greatest bands in the world (Hemp Bag Monk) and I do some bouncer work for them every once in a while. I build sets for plays and lift weights... My favorite bands would definitely be Aerosmith, Meatloaf, Blues Traveler, Squeeze, and Metallica. w00t. I won't say anything else here. I have to make sure you're worthy first.
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14 Aug 2007
So I was perusing those fabled internets today and came across this article. This got me thinking about the state of literature (espescially fantasy and science fiction) today. Does it seem to anyone that the point is just kind of moot anymore? That people aren't even trying?

There are the occasional talented writers today (Neil Gaimen comes to mind) but it seems every time I enter a bookstore I have to wade through all manner of crap. Are there contemporary authors I should be reading? Jon Stewart is usually pretty reliable with book reccomendations, but rarely, if ever, promotes fiction.

Just something that was on me mind. Discuss.
11 May 2007
So the Bush's li'l lackey is gone in June. Your thoughts?
6 Oct 2006
This is just a little thread dedicated to the treatment of prisoners, the actions taken against those who disobey statutes to protect prisoners, and what should and shouldn't be allowed.

Most of us in the USA are (hopefully) aware of the horrible travesties committed by George W. Bush who now has the power todefine torture and who constitutes an enemy combatant. These stipulations allow for torture so long as it passes W.'s inspection as well as the write to be accused of an enemy comatant which in turn allows for the suspension of habeas corpus.

Also there is the matter of the Rulan Gong practicers in China. Reports have been circulating that the Chinese government is systematically arresting members of the organization whose number are estimated to be over seventy million people. While they are incarcerated, prisoners are often surgically operated on for the government to harvest organs which are sold at a huge profit which in turn also feeds the Chinese "organ tourism" economy.

22 Jul 2006
Yep, I've finally decided. I'm getting my ear pierced and a tattoo before I go to college, and I've decided of what:

Pretty sweet, huh? I'm obviously not getting the space tattooed on me, and I'll probably have black lettering, but you get the point. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any tips, and information on the approximate costs of a tattoo and ear piercing, and just some general what not.
16 Apr 2006
So the picture's been spread around on the internet and in the newspaper of the prophet Mohammed... yes, you know the one. The one where Mohammed is wearing a bomb hat. The one that started all this... ugliness. First question: what's your take?

But here's what I'm really wondering about... South Park. As many American viewers know (can't say the same for sure about the Brits, sorry) South Park recently ran two shows about the prophet Mohammed. They did not show him after all. Still, I am curious - why not? I'd like to think that it is a joke, that Comedy Central would allow it, but Trey and Matt, for irony's sake decided to self-censor Mohammed out of the show, but I can't swear to that.

I honestly believe, however, that we need to if anything start showing more pictures of Mohammed. Show that freedom of speech is that important, and not to give in to the threats. After all, the Middle East can only attack so many targets before they burn themselves out, yeah?

Still, I wonder... why is it that a Danish newspaper sparked the controversy when the Super Best Friends episode of South Park showed Mohammed as a cheesy two-bit super hero? South Park obviously has the larger audience...

Anyway, your thoughts?
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