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Aislinn Faye
My cute little Aislinn!
30 years old
Yulee, Florida.
Born Jan-30-1987
I just had a baby, a little boy, and I also have a 3-year-old sweet pea daughter. I like fantasy stuff, Warhammer, Suikoden, M:tG, D&D, and any other dorky thing you can think of 'cept LARPing, LARPing should be confined to the bedroom.
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30 May 2009
Okay...I've been thinking about starting a little business while my husband is out to sea to keep me busy and what-not. And I was thinking about sewing cosplay outfits, because I went online and I was looking at the quality of the items on ebay and cosplay stores and they are completely horrible!! They look generic and and of cheap material, but are being sold for like $100+ dollars. Anime/games/manga etc, is something that I enjoy. And if I'm gonna be spending my time on something I want it to be something that I like but my question is; is this for real? Do people really buy crap costumes for that much money or am I looking at all the wrong sites? I'm not looking to make tons of money but enough to obviously make a profit. If the going rate is a hundred some odd dollars then I want to make $100.00 costumes, not $20.00 costumes being sold at obnoxious prices. Now, I know a lot of cosplayers make their own outfits and what not. Okay now I'm losing my train of thought, but I mean, of those of you who cosplay and buy (if any or know someone who does) do you think its a profitable business (keep in mind, I'm not expecting to put my kids through college with this, but you know...play money never hurts tongue.gif )

P.S.- Mods, I didn't really know where to put this I was thinking Daily Life...but, since it has to do with anime and stuff I thought it might go here...I dunno.
22 Mar 2009
As some of you might know I recently gave birth to a handsome baby boy. And I also have a 3-year-old daughter. Completely overwhelming, and to make matters worse my mother is living here and she's been here for almost a year-and-a-half, and she's completely dependent on the T.V. for sleep, and she sleeps in our daughter's room because that's the only place that we can put her. Now my kid has to go to sleep with the T.V. on, and it's driving me crazy, and any time I try to talk to my mom about it she (being the self-centered person she is) blows up and screams "Okay, fine!! I said I'd be leaving in May but if you want me out now FINE!" "-Sigh- Mom this has nothing to do with you it's just--" "No...Samantha it has everything to do with me" and that's about the time I tune her out because she goes on and on and on and jumps to completely different cowpoop that we're not even discussing at the moment which is another thing I'm pissed about.
And my mom and I get into it about my daughter's raising which I find to be completely toe-stepping to the extreme. She's always telling me "make a game out of it". Like, make a game out of brushing her teeth, brushing her hair, getting dressed, taking medicine, cleaning up. And somethings I do make a game out of...but anytime Aislinn protests about anything my mom runs in there "Damnit Samantha just make a game out of it and get it done with" Well...there are two things wrong with that....I'm not gonna make a game out of everything because everything is not a game and I'm her parent not her GM. If I make everything into a game then she will expect everything to be a game and be sadly disappointed the older she gets. The second thing wrong is that with my kid, if it takes her 30 minutes to brush her teeth because I tell her to open her mouth and she doesn't and then she gets a time out bla bla, then so be it. Mom boasts "I had no problem brushing her teeth because 'I made a game out of it'". Well mom doesn't also have a 1-month-old who's screaming to be fed/held/bla bla.

aldkjfa;lgt;lhagairhadfgljhjadhjkshd (sorry, this just really irritates me and I can't talk to my husband about it because it irritates him, too)

Okay, to sum that up I have an issue with my mom.

Next thing, is...1/2 the year I'm a single parent and feel like a damned widow because my husband is out to sea. So, no phone calls 2 letters at best and maybe 12 emails. It's a big stress on all of us and I'm the most stressed I think because I'll be here all by myself with TWO kids. Granted Aislinn will be moved back up to 5 days a week of daycare so I can retain some sanity (which sounds horrible). It's just that, Aislinn won't listen because she's got three different people she can play against, I have no energy sometimes to deal with it and I end up yelling at her and then we both feel bad. And recently I've been flying off the handle at her disobedience, yelling and all. You shouldn't yell at your kids, I can only imagine that it must be frightening. And i feel so guilty because Joey is always eating or crying or wanting to be held that I don't feel like I get any quality time with Aislinn. I mean Joseph (my husband) ofcourse helps a great deal with the baby so I can play with Aislinn one-on-one, but he's not here all the time, and I'm just so blah right now. I dunno....I think I'm just stressed because he's going out to sea soon and I'll be all alone, but I've been used to it, but with only one child....now I have two to worry about. I can't say "Hey, can you go play soccer with her while I feed him" or "Can you take him so I can pitch to Aislinn?" I just feel so overwhelmed and under resourced. And don't even get me started on the house...it's a complete mess, and now i know why The Sims have "Room" as one of the things that effects their moods. I've been trying to get a hold of my cousin to come clean my house because she owes me money and I figured that she doesn't have the money and I don't feel like cleaning my own house so it's a win/win. But she's been avoiding my calls so I haven't even got to discuss the idea with her...I know, I sound uber lazy. Blah, well... I do feel a lot better now that I've gotten all this off my chest.. whew...

So if you guys have any advice of anything that might help me...I'd really really appreciate it.
17 Dec 2008
Okay, so they VGA has been going on (in the US atleast) for 6 years now and this is my first year watching it and it was total crap! The skits were horrible, Jack Black's acting gave me a migraine and it just seemed that after 6 years things would be a little bit more put together, but the overall sense of things what that it was a bunch of high schoolers running the show. I mean, did anyone else who has seen this agree (or disagree)? And the thing that upset me the most was that Grand Theft Auto IV got game of the year!! C'mon! It was going against Metal Gear Solid 4 and Fallout 3...and GTA won outta those? Yeah, the makers of GTA were doing you-know-what to you-know-whose you-know-what to go home with the title of Game of the Year. mad.gif
9 Sep 2008
First off, I dunno if I did the poll right, so if not, then you get the general idea of what I'm trying to say. Anyway, M. Night Shymabalalala (you know who I'm talking about), is going to be doing Avatar: The Last Air Bender, and I'm a huge fan of the cartoon series, and terrified that he's going to soil the good works of the creators (minus their ability to impliment Zutara). I mean, have you guys ever been a victim of bad Live Action movies destorying your most beloved characters? I remember a part of my soul died when I watched "Clan of the Cave Bear" and "Queen of the Damned".
Plus, this just seems to be such an in thing now...Batman, Spider Man, Iron Man, Superman, and eventually Thor last time I checked. I mean, I thought they were okay, cept for Spiderman, I dunno why, but those didn't sit well with me. My personal opinion is that it's really a hit or miss and exactly how die hard fan you are of whatever is being made into live action.

Btw, that was supposed to be "Do" in the title and not "Does" sleep.gif sorry about that [Fixed - Mata]
23 Jan 2006
I haven't seen this movie yet, they won't play it in my town. (Let's remember I live in the Bible Belt) But seriously, was there this much fuss over "If These Walls Could Talk 2"? In some theaters it was playing but then it got pulled. If you don't know the short version it's about two gay cowboys. Heath Ledger and Jake Genahaal (poor spelling) play the two cowboys. Another movie that got pulled from some theaters was "9/11" They never played it here. It may be so taboo because it's not about two gay hair dressers in HollyWood, but about what America sees as Manly Men, I think it really strikes hard in the hearts of homophobes. And plus all those seven-year-olds that dress up as cowboys, parents may be afraid that they're dressing up as homosexual cowboys (Oh My! laugh.gif ). So, for those of you that have seen it, what do you think? And what do you think about the comotion its causing, and about the censorship its recieving. I honestly think the censorship is good business for the movie.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, these two aren't the first big actors to play provocative roles...I think "Good Night, and Good Luck" ( I think that's what its called ) the one with George Clooney and the whole Mc Carthy thing. That movie was also banned in some theaters...I don't understand why, Mc Carthy was such a *insert 4th-grade-level insult*. Then again, I never saw the movie. But I will see Brokeback Mountain on the 1000" screen that is the theater, even if I do have to drive an hour to get there... dry.gif I hate living in Hickville.
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