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31 years old
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......I'm right behind you. Can't you see me?
Born Jan-26-1986
hmmm......what am I interested in? Definately creativity, and I love to learn new things.

Oh yes.....and I can't spell my way out of a paper bag- please forgive me. ^-^;
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5 Mar 2007
I resisted the urge to put this in Issues, even though it tends to be rather culturally relevant. Mods feel free to move this if they would like.

I just finished having a rather intense discussion with another forumite *cough*pwm*cough* which started as one about the limitations (or lack thereof) a choir has with music, as opposed to an orchestra and branched into one concerning the importance of words to music in general.

He tends to be of the opinion that words aren't as important as melody, while I feel that words can be as powerful, if not more, than the melody.

So, I put it to you, good Matazonians:

How important are words to music?
If words have no importance, would it be possible to take the same melody, put it to radically different phrases, and not not drastically change its meaning?
Does culture play a part in how important words are to music, if so how?
10 Jan 2007
So, my computer decided to be evil and corrupt a root file the other day (due to a lovely power outage and improper shutdown) and now I need to reinstall everything that I had on here.

The problem is, I tend to forget about various programs I had or situations where I'd need programs, until I find myself desperately needing them.

So, in order to try and help that, I come to you, fellow Matazonians, to help me in my search. Take a look at various programs you have that you use every day and may take for granted, and let me know here.

So far I've gotten Firefox and AIM. Next on the list is mIRC.
27 Aug 2006
So, since I'm bored and have just figured out how to take photos with my camera (rediculously fuzzy though), I decided to show off my fabulous new piercing. (My ear, you pervs =P). I went down to Seaside Heights, which is a place on the (New) Jersey shore, and while I was there I got my third earlobe piercing. Now for the (excessively fuzzy) pictures!

Pretty Ear 1

Pretty Ear 2

Isn't it pretty? There are four all together on that ear and just the three on the right one. Since I graduated highschool I've been getting one piercing per summer. I wonder what I'll get next summer! happy.gif

Anyway, on a completely unrelated note, as I was taking pics of my ear, I saw in the background something that I had to share with all the matazonians. Namely:


My uni friend made that for me for Christmas. It's officially my favorite item ever (and doubles as a lovely DVD holder happy.gif)
26 Apr 2006
So, tomorrow is April 26, 2006, also known as the Day of Silence. What the Day of Silence is (from their official website) is:

Now in its tenth year, the Day of Silence, a project of GLSEN® or the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network in collaboration with the United States Student Association (USSA), is a student-led day of action where those who support making anti-LGBT bullying and harassment unacceptable in schools participate in events to recognize and protest the discrimination and harassment—in effect, the silencing—experienced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students and their allies.

My uni's GSA, of which I'm on the executive board for, is participating in the day of silence for the first time, so I was reading up about it. In my reading, I found what's called to be the Day of Truth, schedualed for April 27, 2006. Here's a quote from their site:

The Day of Truth was established to counter the promotion of the homosexual agenda and express an opposing viewpoint from a Christian perspective.

In the past, students who have attempted to speak against the promotion of the homosexual agenda have been censored or, in some cases, punished for their beliefs. It is important that students stand up for their First Amendment right to hear and speak the Truth about human sexuality in order to protect that freedom for future generations. The Day of Truth provides an opportunity to publicly exercise our free speech rights.

Interesting, ne?

So, I leave you fellow Matazonians with

Day of Silence


Day of Truth

(and maybe we won't turn this into a 'bash the rightwings' type thread)

Discuss how you'd like, though I am interested in also hearing which you think is more effective and why.
3 Feb 2006
So, a friend sent me link to The Cuddle Puddle, and I'm wondering what all of you have to say about this?

It's, as far as I can tell, a group of teens, guys and girls, all hooking up and experementing with each other, not necessarily at the same time, but without any strings attached (or so they'd like to think). The group includes guys hooking up with guys and girls hooking up with girls, but the article does focus mostly on girls hooking up with girls.

So, what do all of you think about this?

(I'll post my own opinion once I'm coherent enough to put my thoughts together)
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