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Two dead boys got up to fight
Bab to back they faced each other
Drew their swords and shot each other
A deaf policeman heard all the noise
Came and shot the two dead boys
If you dont believe this lie is true
Go ask the blind man he saw it too
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26 Jun 2010
So I found this amazing video of scenes from Vampire Hunter D timed to the song "If I Only Were A Goth" by ThouShaltNot... and it got me to wondering...

What would I be if I only were...? And what would I do?

So, here goes... If you only were something else, what would it be and what would you do?
5 Jan 2010
Ok, so I've never actually had anything to post here before of my own. I guess fate finally caught up with me...

I have been having a growing set of issues with my college/university career. I started two and a half years ago with all intent in the world to succeed in graduating college with a degree or two in Computer Science/Security. At first I did alright. I had some issues but thats par for the first semester/year of college. I continued on with high hopes for the future. I ended up walking away from my uni in PA because I could no longer afford to attend there but there were so many other reasons. I was sick and tired of (pardon my language here) the goddamn rat bastards that ran the place and their politics. I transferred back to my hometown in FL to the local community college so that I could finish my Liberal Arts/General Education courses. After a semester I am back to the same place that I was before I returned to FL. I have no desire to go back this semester. I have given up. I feel like most of my professors have decided to get caught up in too much politics to actually care about what they are teaching or their students. But at the same time, the handful of professors that I like - the ones that don't politik - they make me want to continue. To meet another professor or professors just like them. But these professors are few and rare.

Now because of my lack of enthusiasm, my grades have been poor in the classes that I didn't have a good professor in. My parents have noticed these grades and aren't happy to say the least. My father makes remarks about how I have decided to live a mediocre life. I have come to the point where I am about to just walk away from everything. Here I am, an Eagle Scout, a highly trained and certified computer network administrator, a Red Cross instructor and I have no goals or plan. Three years ago I was an unstoppable force of nature, you can ask anyone that knew me then. Now, I can't say that I am anything but a generic humanoid carbon-based bag of salt-water.

I know that there is so very much that has been left out of this post - there just isn't enough time for me to collect everything and put it in one post. Just ask if you want to know more.

So, I come before you, Matazone, and ask this: Where should I go now? What is there for me to do?
29 Nov 2007
I'm not really sure where this belongs so I decided it fell under the Daft heading...

Do you remember those interesting individuals that used to frequent the forums? People like Quoth(The Raven) and Jimi Jimi? What about WeeJ? Or Silver Star Angel of Da Towers? Who here remembers those past-forumites? Who here still remembers the Matabar or the many Harems? I wonder who still talks to their Flying Cats? Who still recognizes the power of being spangled? Who has run from scuttlers and hid in the wardrobe?

If you still remember those times, post here in rememberance of them.
4 Apr 2007
I have spent a bit of my time in the world of academia learning the trade of a computer programmer...

And this is something I came up with during class one night...

8 Jun 2005

perfect music!

cant stop laughing!!!
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