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Quoth(The Raven)
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The land of the fireant
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Science fiction, fantasy, writing, art... and Watching way too much TV... being an enigma ;) Dragons, Cats and Ghosties!
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Quoth(The Raven)

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30 Aug 2005
Pretty much as it says on the tin: Sayings that have been mangled, or sayings you would like to see mangled, in creative ways...

1. "... 'scuse me, while I kiss dis guy..." -Mangled Hendrix Lyric

2. "A coward dies a thousand deaths, the brave man only 999..."

3. "If you can keep your head, while all about you are losing theirs, you obviously haven't checked in with your answering service..." -Hawkeye Pierce

4. "It isn't the heat... It's the humanity..." -from Brigadoon

5. "How do I loathe thee, let me count the ways..."
28 Aug 2005
I have suffered depression, angsiety and sadness all my life. I suffered most of my life, then began counseling and drug therapy, and most of the pain lifted. I left my last job three years ago, fired for emotional problems. Since then, I've felt a bit better, still. Now, I'm disabled.

A few months ago, the nightmares started, again. I can't sleep through the night, and the bad dreams are getting more frightening and more bizarre, as they go. Various government agencies still have me jumping through hoops over my disability, and I wound up blowing up, emotionally, over one of these... If they're going to ask for a document, why the H*ll don't they read it, instead of asking me for another document that says essentially the same thing?

Then, my stepfather aggravated me, again, and i blew up... again. I'm tired, angry, sad... the nightmares keep coming. I try to write, and my own charachters are wringing tears from me, with their pathetic little plights... and the things I have them going through aren't all that bad... What am I doing to myself?

I'm tired, and feeling sad about the Flying Mice, in the Matabar... all they want out of life is cookies... and they're willing to work hard for them... Seriously, when I wrote about the poor mice going to Arthur asking... practically begging... for a chance to earn their cookies... I started crying, feeling sorry for them!

I am due to see my doctor, Monday, anyway, about my medication and I think it's not a moment too soon...

Thanks for listening...
20 Aug 2005
Okay, here it is... the thread for bitching about how society is being dumbed down. Some examples:

1. A sign in the parking lot of a local grocery store: "Food Lion, Inc. cannot be responsible for damage caused by loose shopping carts".

Bullsh*t! They COULD be responsible, if they wanted to. What they mean is they WON't be responsible...

2. "I just saved a Bunch of Money, by switching to Geico..."

Urgh. Money does not come in bunches. Bannanas come in Bunches, Cocoanuts come in bunches, even shorts come in Bunches... But money does not... repeat, NOT come in bunches!
14 May 2005
Okay, in recent posts to the Matabar and Tribe Wyvern, I introduced Gwen's litter of six kittens... I didn't want to name them all at once, because the names might feel forced. I also don't want all the names to fall into a single category. Basically, I'm asking for your ideas for names, so I can choose from a greater pool of ideas than just those provided by my own warped imagination... Help!

Stats are as follows:

1. Male: White with blue wings: Natural leader, a bit reckless.

2. Female: Green with Yellow wings, and one yellow paw: The most inquisitive of the six...

3. Female: marked like a Siamese, but with Crimson points and wings: Acrobatic, serious minded.

4. Female: Grey. like her mother: a bit bossy; a bit of a tattletale.

5. Male: Tiger striped, green and yellow: Happy go lucky; a bit of a prankster...

6. Female: Black, with white paws: a bit shy.

Okay, there you have it... please give me some serious names to choose from...
10 Apr 2005
Hey, y'all!
You were so helpful with an earlier question about DVDs, so I wondered if you might have an answer for this one, as well...
Here's the thing:
For various reasons, I recently got a Hotmail account. Works well, when it works at all. The problem is that four or five times a week (At least), my computer tells me it can't find Hotmail or MSN, and it sometimes takes hours until It will allow me to access my mail. and the problem seems to be getting more frequent.
Now, other addresses work just fine, when MSN is missing, so It must be MSNs fault, right? I'm told, however, that MSN is highly reliable, and is NEVER down. I don't know what to beleive, but I am understandably P*ssed about this, and no one has an explanation. My E-mails concerning this have gone unanswered.
Anyone else have this problem? Anyone have a theory, explanation, or remedy? I need this account, as some of my friends can only get through to me, via hotmail... (yet ANOTHER mystery no one's explained to me...). Help!
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