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I'm afraid I'm back.
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17 Mar 2012
Beannachtai na Féile Pádraig as Béal Átha'n Ghaorthaidh, Corcaigh, Eireann! Tá mé i mo chonai anseo leath den bhliain. Tá mé ag foghlaim Gaeilge go mall, ach déanaim iarracht. Tá brón orm má tá mo Ghaeilge briste!

An bhfuil Gaeilge ag aon duine eile?
15 Nov 2005
Erm, welcome to the accent game. Now, I'm sure this game won't last long, but it should be fun while it lasts.

Basically you have to impersonate an accent as well as is possible in a random bit of text. I don't know whether other people should have to guess, or whether you'll just say what it is... but hey. I'm sure we'll think of something.

OK, first accent:

Oi fink oi've gone an' eaten an orf egg, it dint 'alf taste bad.

You might as well guess that one.
7 Nov 2005
I couldn't find a thread like this already, but after some quick internet searching I came across Hufu, a tofu product designed to closely match the taste and texture of human flesh.

Here it is on Wikipedia.

Well, what do you think? Does this mean they can do anything with tofu? What other tasty tofu products would you buy? And most importantly, how do they know it tastes like human flesh anyway?
16 Oct 2005
Alliteration is a new game. The point of the game is to write a sentence where every word begins with the same letter on a specialist subject. The sentence has to be 5 words minimum.

The game goes in alphabetical order, so poster 1's alliterative letter (if that makes sense) would be A, poster 2's would be B, 3's would be C and so on.


Poster 1 has just posted his alliterative sentence. His alliterative letter was A. Then, he names a topic beginning with B for Poster 2. Let's say it's bananas.

Poster 2's post would be something like this.

Bananas become beans before birthdays.


Poster 3 would then have to post a sentence about cash.

If for example your subject is X-Rays and you can't think of anything beginning with X other than xylophone, then just choose your own topic beginning with A and write a sentence for it. This rule only applies to Qs, Us, Ws, Xs, Ys and Zs.

You are allowed to use words like on, in, the, and etc. if your sentence doesn't make sense without them.

OK then, first subject: Arms.
4 Apr 2005
OK, so I'm having problems with my wireless networking. It was working fine until my friend brought his computer over for some LAN games and fiddled with my network settings. Once he'd gone I fiddled around with the settings some more so I could actually get onto the network in short bursts before it disconnected itself. I'm getting a decent signal and it usually connects when I tell it to after it disconnects. Sometimes though it doesn't reconnect and it's usually because it has changed the network settings from:

Network Authentication: Shared
Data Encryption: WEP
Network Key: [My network key in here]
Confirm Network key: [My network key in here aswell]
Key Index: 1
The key is provided for me automatically: Unchecked


Network Authentication: Open
Data Encryption: WEP
Network Key: [My network key not in here]
Confirm Network key: [My network key not in here either]
Key Index: [Unchangable]
The key is provided for me automatically: Checked

Stuff in bold is the stuff that changes.

OK, so once I've re-entered all the correct settings and waited a minute to get back on the network, I'm on the network for about another three minutes before it disconnects again. Which lets me on the network at least, but it's still a bit of a chore having to fill in all those details before going on the network every three minutes. All I wanted is a way to stop it from changing the settings, or if the settings above are incorrect, what the settings should be.

Another annoying point is about every tenth time I get disconnected I have to restart the router before I can reconnect.

Additional network information:

No. of computers on network: 2
Router: NETGEAR DG834G Integrated ADSL Modem 54Mbps 802.11g Wireless Firewall Router
Wireless PCI cards (in both PCs): Belkin 802.11g Wireless Desktop Network Card

I'll also say that it's disconnected at least six times whilst trying to write this post
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