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I am this person who writes stories a lot, and if you want to you can read them here and tell me what you don't like about them
but if you don't want to that's OK.
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14 Jul 2008
I need a project. It's about halfway through the summer and I'm making my Canadian liquor money, and that's all well and good, but I've come to realize that 32 hours of my week is filled with nothing-time. I sit. Sometimes there's a breeze. Sometimes it rains. I need a big, cool project that will fill up my time and keep my interest. Can anyone suggest one?

The tools at my disposal include a laptop with about five hours of battery, a library card, run-of-the-mill office supplies and a bored brain. Be advised that I still have to do my job, meaning that I've got to talk to people every ten minutes or so, and that I don't have a lunch break or car.

Come all ye bored Matazonians! Give me something to do! Because no one knows better than the Internet!
27 May 2008
OK. So. Team. Something amazing! There is a magical telescope (shh don't tell me how it works, it's magic) that connects London and Brooklyn. I live right next to Brooklyn (if right next means a five minute bike ride, thirty minute train and forty minute subway) and I think that we should organize a wave-off.

Who is London-bound--and for that matter, who is NY-bound--and wants to make a crazy expedition of this? It closes on June 15th, which is soon!

So team. Who is pro-telescope (and pro-MAGIC)? I know I am!
22 Mar 2008
Hey team. How are things? Things are good? Alright.

Maybe some people who have been here for a while know that I write stories a lot. It is this weird thing, but whatever. And I am always, always, always looking for people to be mean to my stories.

Well, now I have some urgency behind me--I'm trying to enter a portfolio into a scholarship that would pay for two full years of college. It is kind of a big deal, with a deadline that fast approaches. And no one I know will be mean to my stories. They are saying things like, "Cool story" and I am pulling my hair out and stuffing cushions with it, team. So I am turning to you guys.

I've made Googledocuments of five stories, and if anyone has a spare three-to-seven minutes and could be mean to one-to-five of the stories, I would be over the moon. The first four are under 4 pages double-spaced; they are not crazy-long. Links are here:

Brown As Horses - about embarrassing yourself in front of your cool surfer friends.

Jump - one of my favorites, about a girl who has lived everywhere---with a SURPRISE TWIST at the end.

Amoud's Roofing Ladder - about, well, I don't really know what Amoud is about. About something strange in a park in Philadelphia.

Rooted Blue - prose-poem about how hometowns make you regress.

In the City of Night - about Los Angeles and how hard it is to be happy there.
2 Jan 2008
This is kind of going out on a limb, but I was thinking today about how great and cool the secret santa thing was, and how neat it is that everyone on these forums are so spread out. And how there are piles and piles of things that I'd love to see on this planet that I am simply too far away from to see--and that I'm always too busy or too dumb to go see the cool things near me. But wouldn't it be cool if someone from the forums could challenge me to go see something within, say, a twenty-or-thirty mile radius, and then describe it in here? We could do a head-to-head style gladiator battle between two people who both have a mission to go see a cool thing near them, where the person who tells the best story about going to see that thing wins.

What is a cool thing? I think the Jello Museum in LeRoy, NY (near Rochester) is a cool thing. The Bronx Zoo at night in the winter is also a cool thing. The Salvator Dali museum in St. Petersburg, FL is a cool thing. The biggest lightbulb in the world, in Edison, NJ is a strange thing. Going to a salsa party in London would be a very peculiar thing indeed.

Is this a dumb idea, Matazone? I think it could be pretty awesome. Thoughts?
25 Jun 2007
I have a problem. Basically, I've been crying nonstop since Kisah stopped coming to the forums. It's been a real hassle and has alienated me from my peers, kept me from getting jobs and so forth. Part of this is because she's pretty groovy, but the bigger part was that there isn't anyone to tell me (and to tell the rest of the forums) what to eat. Therefore I am calling for a Kisah replacement! Or some sort of collaborative recipe-swappin', tell-me-what-sort-of-flour-to-buy team effort, which this thread can house. Potentially.

I will gladly put up a recipe for the illest chocolate chip cookies ever made in exchange for some recipe for veggie something I can eat for lunch. Because today was the third day I've decided on strawberries and that is probably wrong. So post about your food! Describe an amusing situation involving a peanut allergy, give me that legendary salad-mixing-combination or tell me to bug off! I can probably be a man about it!
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