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28 Mar 2006
Ok, so my apologies if this turns out to be a completely pointless topic or just blatantly in the wrong place but here goes.

Infact should it be in personal concerns I'm never sure? unsure.gif

I currently live at home with my parents, having moved out and back twice to my intense shame. My room is easily described as a shoebox and personal space although a damn site better than many people all over the world is nigh on none existant.

In a nutshell I'm going absolutely nuts, I find myself reverting to habits I thought long dealt with and dead with accompanying mood swings that make a seesaw look even. For a long while Madame Cath and I have been discussing house sharing and it has many, many bonuses, it is infact a fantastic idea.

Now comes my problem, Madame Cath works in Manchester, therefore to co-habit I must transfer myself to Manchester fairly simple you would say and yes, yes it is terrifyingly simple. My current job although the people are superb is a dead-end, the opportunity to transfer across departments is just not happening. Fair enough but then the promotion I've been happily training to apply for has been neatly taken away from me by a new council regulation (note I work for the council thats how come it affects me just in case you all go what the...?). Even with all the training I live in the wrong zone and even should I apply, bearing in mind thats why they spent 6 months training me I won't get it. Likewise I can't apply for a transfer or any position within several levels of my current one for the same reasons...neatly out manouvered me? Oh aye indeed! dry.gif

Again simple answer apply for a new job in Manchester and move...but I'm stuck I can't afford to move without a job over there, but should I get one I can't start till I have a place to live, which I can't do without enough money to set myself up introducing need the job first.
Aargh! My head feels like a twisty, tangly ball of wool! The mood swings do not help and oddly enough aren't helped by this either. My initial thought was to apply for a graduate loan as the interest rate is half what it will be should I leave applying for one till summer, in theory that would help get me up and running.

Now the problem, I've completely frozen. normally I jump at things like this anything for a challenge and I know the change will do me a damn site more good than harm all things considered. I find myself writing this post with an online application form waving at me and I can't fill it in ph34r.gif
So far this evening I have completely blitzed the kitchen, mopped every floor, done the laundry, cleaned the cooker, fed the dogs, recycled, folded newspapers (old ones at that)...absolutely everything except fill out an application. huh.gif
I know I should but none of the jobs are in the arts or museums as I'd prefer even though they pay so much more than I'm currently on and I can do them pretty much with my eyes shut, probably even enjoy the the change they'd provide until I can get myself on my feet and into something more inline with my dreams. I keep thinking what if? but what ifs are hopeless and keep me stuck where I am, which is not a happy place. sad.gif

I know I should do it but everything seems so big and daunting, so many things could go wrong and with my luck recently probably will but I need to do it and I can't seem to get past this block.
I know this smacks a fair bit of attention grabbing, coming on here and posting this but having bounced it off the people I know and still finding myself completely unable to act even though they are actively supporting me I thought if I at least aired it with you lot you'd kick me into gear. Any help would be appreciated right now, be it suggestions for places to look or just a plain, straight forward kick up the rear please don't hold back I need it! Should the opportunity to give a young eager to learn Wyvern a bit of your collective wisdom not appeal please consider the pity vote... I don't think I can walk past that ironing basket once more without doing something and believe me its a BIG ironing basket and its overflowing with four peoples worth of stuff, please if I do...... huh.gif blink.gif ph34r.gif

please save me
14 Nov 2005
Well not everyone will know about this but recently it was our dear Caths 30th and she requested that we celebrate this auspiscious event properly.

So as little innocent Cath *ducks* set about planning the event and organising a medieval banquet to be attended it became clear that with all the will in the world everyone she wanted present would not be a possible feat. There weren't enough seats for starters tongue.gif

This situation needed a remedy so thankyou everyone involved for assisting me and exhibiting such excellent timing and co-ordination combined with downright sneakiness, cunning and aptitude for espionage... Agents Frogg, Teapot and company, Lady Queenie, Cand the US co-ordinator...the whole lot of you should be proud.

It was very tense at one point. The event due to take place on saturday evening and Friday afternoon no card in sight only frantic communications between it's last stop in Leeds to try and get it to Nottingham in time.
Such perfection! For this I will forgive royal mail everything, every misplaced item of my post, every mangled fragile package...until next time... it arrived Saturday in time to be booby trapped, wrapped and delivered to its final destination in the evening.

Not only did you succeed in catching our very dear anti-Cath by surprise, you succeeded in reducing her to tears. I bow down before you all and offer my heartfelt thanks for taking such a little scheme into your hearts and making a special day a Very special day and one that will not be forgotten...

Although after all the antics of madame with knives, jesters, tankards and much rowdy dancing and debauchery she won't be allowed to forget. wink.gif

So take a peek...I'm afraid due to the sheer volume of images I've had to be selective but I think I picked out the best.
Medieval Cath password Wyvern
18 Jul 2005
Finally it begins!

Usually you would expect to find this in creations. Mata however suggested it would be more productive to place this thread in daily life, so as you have obviously noticed here it is.

For those of you already aware that this project was in the pipeline, thank you for your support and patience to date. For those of you who haven’t a clue what this is about I invite you to participate in my investigations.

Firstly I believe a little background information may be useful.
You may or may not be aware that I am a practising artist. I work across wide range of media and ideas depending on my particular focus at any one time. Currently that focus is centred almost exclusively upon information and the systems we as a species use to record and display information. More specifically my attention is currently focused on maps and the way we perceive them in all their varied forms. In order to explore maps and the way individuals view them I have chosen to concentrate (for the moment at least) on surfaces and concepts that are not usually recorded or displayed in ‘map’ form. Previous projects have selected subject matter of a predominantly physical nature the texture of skin, human palm prints and the like.

To take the next step forward in my work I want to put my current findings and conclusions to the test using subject matter which is physically less tangible, something that in many ways cannot be viewed as a solid object or a fixed landscape.
For this I have chosen to look at the internet. The term Worldwide Web evokes in its own way a landscape, a complex network with its own boundaries and rules, something with a distinct physical presence of its own. Yet how many maps and atlases attempt to depict the internet as a physical entity?

It has been done, of that I am aware and the images produced are stunning, enough to fill two books that I am aware of at present (as soon as I can track them down again I will post some links). I am not attempting to copy these images in any way, at this point I have no idea what form this project will take other than a distinct feeling that it will evolve into a series rather than a single piece as already the information and ideas I have gathered are far too complex to be effectively demonstrated within one piece. I may find out something new along the way that proves this point wrong but that again is part of the experience.

At this stage I had better clarify out that many points within this statement are fairly broad generalisation on my part and can be argued in many different directions. Many I have presented to you in a highly simplified way because at this point in my explorations this is the best way for them to make sense as in reality they are constantly changing as I develop my ideas and research. Some are just scribbled notes along the margins of very dubious studies and may eventually be discarded entirely.

Which leads me to ‘The Project’
In order to ‘map’ the internet I need a starting point to work from as it is a vast beastie. Even if I could freeze it at this exact point in time it would take many of my lifetimes and more skill than I possess to thoroughly map every section. Instead I have set my sights on something more manageable, still vastly more complicated than I initially thought but easier to approach. However I need the help of as many forumites as are willing to spare me a few moments of their precious time.

This thread is my starting point.
If it goes well I hope to expand beyond this one and explore other avenues but for the moment, for simplicity and sanity’s sake I’m keeping it simple and concentrating on the one.
All I ask is that having read this you respond, in any way you like, to any idea that interests you. Statements, questions, suggestions for points to consider and things to look at anything and everything is brilliant whether it be a post directly in this thread or a PM or an email to myself.

Before you do however please look at the following points, for the success of this project they are crucial!!!
When you make a post, PM etc, I will be recording the following information….

• Time of post
• Date of post
• Member number of posting member
• Members title
• Members Gender (as stated under Av unless otherwise requested)
• Whether it is in response to the first post or to an issue raised within future posts.
• Content of post (mainly for tracking purposes although if I want to use particular quotes I will contact you in person and ask first)
• Nature of contact, whether it is a PM, Email, text etc…

I would like to be able to make note of the following details but I need each member to give permission before I can use these either within their post or in a separate PM.
Although the information cannot be traced back from the work to yourselves I am aware some of you may prefer to keep these details private, in which case I shall respect that privacy and will work around this.
I adore a challenge so please do not consider this a guilt trip, if you wish this information to be undisclosed I completely understand and will abide by your choice.

• Location: Ideally the city or town would be wonderful but I am equally happy with the wider catagories of country, continent or hemisphere.
• Age

You may have noticed I have refrained from posting any images of previous work at this point. That is because apart from a very few of you who have seen it I would like the initial responses to be uninfluenced by my previous work. Once things are underway I will keep you updated of my progress and post images so that you are aware of how things are going and of what my other work is like. At all times I ask you to be as honest and constructive as I know you all are, anything you can give me even if its “nah not impressed because…” will be invaluable.

This project only stops when the thread dies, it may be after 2 posts or 200.
Thank you for your time and involvement.

Now…On with the experiment!
5 Jul 2005
Reading through the morning paper I came across an article titled as follows.

The real Kids stuff
33 things a child should do by the age of ten (and there's not a single computer game amoung them)

The list went like so...

1) Roll down a grassy bank (and up it again?)
2) Make a mud pie
3) Prepare a modelling-dough mixture (and eat it)
4) Collect Frogspawn
5) Make perfume from flower petals (do Pot pourri and petal pies count?)
6) Grow cress on a window sill
7) Make a papier-mache mask
8) Build a sand castle
9) Climb a tree ( I assume it means down as well as up)10) Make a den in the garden (or just a den in general)

11) Paint using hands and feet
12) Organise a Teddy bears picnic
13) Have a face painting session
14) Bury a friend in the sand
15) Bake some bread
16) Make snow angels
17) Create a clay sculpture
18) Take part in a scavenger hunt
19) Camp out in the garden (who says only kids do that eh? evil.gif)
20) Bake a cake

21) Feed a farm animal
22) Pick some strawberries
23) Play Pooh sticks
24) Recognise 5 bird species
25) Find some worms (please note eating them is not compulsary)
26) Cycle through a muddy puddle
27) Make and fly a kite
28) Plant a tree
29)Build a nest from grass and twigs
30) Find 10 different leaves in the park

31) Grow vegetables
32) Make breakfast in bed for mum and dad (hopefully edible)
33) Create a mini assualt course in the garden (why think small?)

After the Candingham meet a respectable number of us proved that being silly and enjoying every minute comes as naturally to matazonians as it does to children. Having been patient and waded through this list my challenge to you is to come up with something better.
You know you can!
18 Feb 2005
Now I've found something to post one of you will probably come along and tell me its been done before but still here goes. tongue.gif


As I was rummaging in the bin today to reclaim and thoroughly crush an egg shell I'd managed to drop in whole, well whole-ish.
I not suprisingly stopped to wonder what on earth I was doing and why.

As a child I was always told to crush used eggshells so that evil magic couldn't use them to trap the souls of drowning sailors.

Since then I've always crushed eggshells and now I dont think I could leave one whole if I tried, not that Im completely convinced by eggs as soul traps... but it is a rather theraputic action. biggrin.gif

So then people Im curious what quirky little things do you do and why?
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