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If my woman were a fire...
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Not much to say about me. If there's anything you want to know for some reason, just ask.
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28 Feb 2011
Hey guys,

I'm generally not the kind to be all into community service, but this requires some action. Around 88,000 acres of land burned due to wildfires in my state yesterday, 30,000 or so of those being (almost literally) in my backyard. The fires destroyed over 50 homes, a countless number of vehicles, and killed a number of pets - including some that became trapped in a local kennel when the fire suddenly jumped across the road. Even all of that isn't including the amount of native wildlife killed by the fires, or the fact that thousands of people are without electricity right now. In short, it's completely devestating.

So why am I sharing this?

I want YOU (yes, you!) to help! Right now our local red cross chapter is in desperate need of donations of bottled water, snacks, and money. Now, since you're all quite aways away, money would be best.

Donate here: http://amarillo.redcross.org/index.php?pr=Donate

I complain about where I live like it's a hobby, but in all honesty I have a lot of love for the place. Seeing that gorgeous panhandle skyline turn from bright yellow and blue to all black is horrible by itself - I can't even begin to imagine what it's like for those who lost their homes. I know that none of you are billionares, and likely you're financially struggling just like most people. But just a few dollars can help not only with familes who've been displaced, but with wildlife restoration of the area, and animal control efforts as they try to round up the pets that were seperated from their owners during the chaos.

Even if you don't have a nickle to spare, thanks for reading this anyway.

13 Nov 2010
So I've recently gotten a new job that I love doing that that pays really well. The only problem is that it requires me to spend a pretty long time each day in front of my computer, typing away.

I've always had very slight back pains, but since I've gotten this job I've been getting really bad knots all the way from my neck to my shoulders to my mid-back.

Naturally, I've read up on correct postures and whatnot to use while sitting at the computers, but I found that I'm already using the correct posture - my monitor is level with my eyes, my keyboard is at a height so that my shoulders can relax while typing, and I sit more or less exactly in the way described by all of the websites I've found. I've even made sure that I take short breaks every thrity minutes or so to walk around.

So what in the world is my problem? Does anyone here, maybe, have a job that also requires sitting for really long periods of time? Any at home remedies? Or maybe just some "Hey, dumba**, you're doing it wrong" comments?

Also, I haven't been able to get really far in looking into correct postures because 90% or so of the websites on the topic are just spam sites advertising some book that I have to buy to get the answers to my problem. So links to websites that are actually useful would for sure be awesome, too. smile.gif

20 Jul 2010
Hey guys!

So for my own little birthday treat to myself, I bought a Wacom Bamboo pen tablet off of Amazon. I've had it for a week or so now, but with work and whatnot I've not had much chance to work with it. The tablet itself came with Corel Painter, which I'm getting much, much better at using. However - I still need practice!

So here's my idea - give me something to draw/create. Maybe you want me to design a logo for a band or company you made up, or to draw a portrait of you, or even to create cartoons! The idea is that the more creative the ideas, the more practice I'll get in all sorts of styles. I really don't want to get stuck in a rut using the same basic tools (The in-program tools, that is) to draw, so variation is key. smile.gif

I think it'll be a mutual gain - I get practice, you get a drawing of whatever you want.

Sound like a deal?

Edit: Here's just a quick example of something I've drawn -
30 Mar 2010
Er...okay, not really for science, but it should be interesting. I just signed on to Chat Roulette for the first time just to see what the fuss was about. Turn out, it was about Penii. Lots of Penii.

So here's the game:

1) Have a webcam or Microphone.
2) Connect to Chatroulette http://www.chatroulette.com
3) Report your findings!

How many people did you talk to?
Where were most of them from?
Mostly Male, or Female?
How many tried to Cyber with you?
If female, did they try to see your boobs? (The answer is always yes. Always.)
Did you meet anyone worthwhile?

I talked to twenty or so different people, only one of which was female. Three out of the remaining 19ish tried to hit on me. Two didn't speak English. All three of the creeps were from France. Two of them were over the age of 40, most of them were around 20.
After asking, most people averaged seeing about 4 Penii during their Chatroulette experience.
I met one cool person from Ontario, and we discussed the TV show Hoarders and discovered we were both there just to see why everyone was talking about Chatroulette so much.

To protect what was left of my (semi) delicate mind, I ended up drawing a cartoon pair of breasts to show to creepy french men when they asked. I then disconnected.

What was your Chatroulette experience?
28 Mar 2010
As I've become an Auntie recently, I've been having to dig into my archive of songs I know that are fun to sing, so that I can get the little one to sleep when her mama isn't able to.

So, What is a song that you love to sing? What songs do you love to sing just because you think they're flattering to your voice? If you had to sing a baby to sleep, what song would you choose? Is there a certain song you always find yourself singing in certain situations? A go-to favourite that you sing in the shower or while doing dishes?

For me, I sing Go To Sleep Little Baby from O' Brother, Where Art Thou? when trying to get Scarlett to calm down. I sing Lean on Me at work when I try to start a fast-food sing along. And when I'm by myself and in a singing mood, I go to Hallelujah. And I'd have to say I choose all of them because I have a very deep voice and none of those songs have any super-high notes that I'd have to strain to hit. I sing them just because I think they make my voice, as untrained as it may be, sound decent.


What about you?
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