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26 Nov 2008
So, I found out today I have a vote in the referendum on introducing the congestion charge in Manchester. Currently I know very little about the issues, as I haven't been paying attention to it, as I thought I didn't live here enough to have a vote.

This doesn't affect me directly, as I don't drive, but I do think it'll have a pretty bad effect on the local economy, in terms of people going to work and so on, and deliveries for shops and the like. The proposed zone is far too big, 80 square miles, compared to the original London charge zone of 8 square miles.

So yeah, I'm currently thinking I'm against it, but what are your thoughts? Anything else I need to consider before I make a decision?
17 Oct 2008
What would you do if you were in Edinburgh for an hour of an early evening in mid-November? And then another hour a couple of days later.

I ask because I've got a train connection there and don't want to hang around in a station for an hour each way.

I know very little about Edinburgh, so hoping that some of you live there/have lived there/have at least been there, I thought I'd ask.

Any suggestions?
29 Sep 2008
Okay, so I was having this discussion (read: arguement) with a mate earlier, and I just wanted to get a few opinions and stuff from other people on it.

My position is, that it's ridiculous to be proud of something that you didn't "cause". I am British, beacuse I was born in Britain. Why is this something to be proud of? It was nothing to do with me, merely the accident of where my parents were at the time.

Similarly gay pride. Why? To me being "proud" of being gay makes as much sense as being proud of being 5' 10" or being proud of having brown eyes. It's not an achievement, it's just a fact of who you are.

I would say that you should feel proud of things you have done or said or influenced in some way, not things that you had no control over whatsoever.

Any thoughts?
12 Sep 2008
Anyone else getting this or is it just me?

Apparently just on this post
23 Mar 2007
A team from the Academy of Medical Sciences have this week said that the current UK system of drug classification, A, B, C, is inadequate and unfit for purpose.

They have released an alternative ranking, based on the harm they do to the individual and to society and whether or not they induce dependence.

Their ranking looks like this:

(the colours indicating current ranking)

Professor David Nutt, who lead the team, said "The current system is not fit for purpose. Let's treat people as adults. We should have a much more considered debate how we deal with dangerous drugs."

He also pointed out that 52 people die per year from alcohol poisoning in the UK, compared to 10 per year from ecstasy.

BBC article

What do we think?
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