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All things light, walking, good books, good parties, all things NYC, most things Russia
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21 May 2009
A friend of mine was telling me (at a far too late hour for such a conversation) about a kid who kept trying to put up a fake quote on someone's Wikipedia page (forget who or what quote). His third attempt was just after the person in question died; he put up his false quote immediately afterwards, and it stayed up long enough to get cited in a large number of obituaries the next day. Apparently there's a growing phenomenon of people posting false information on Wikipedia (with fake cites or no cites), this information getting used by lazy reporters and then used as a citation on Wikipedia! What? Is this old news?

Ah, found the thing my friend was talking about: http://oncampus.macleans.ca/education/2009...on-medias-face/

Obviously, the idea that not everything one reads on Wikipedia and whatnot should be taken as absolute truth, despite a rather active staff to try and prevent false information. It's the mainstream media picking up on this that's amusing/frightening. Soon facts will be destroyed! Panic and flee! (for a bad-culture reference, I thought of the 'time machine' ride in Idiocracy)

23 Sep 2006
I had the very random inspiration to make an appearance and start a paranoia thread (no doubt there are some floating about somewhere. If so, well, maybe I can add something to what's there).

Anyways, this really cool psych teacher at my school once said this great line: "Basically, you all think 'they' are out to get you. And you're right. The question you should be asking is: Who are they? And how committed are 'they' to 'their' endeavor?"

So, I ask you: how many of you truly often feel like there's a massive (or small) conspiracy of those around you (this is more of a 'paranoia?' question than 'name that conspiracy theory' one).

Personally, I get this all the time (not enough to be worrying, but of course). Example: once I was very bored on the subway and decided to take the 'do not lean on door' sticker off the train and put it on my door. Only one person halfway across the train saw me, and she looked rather shocked and awed. She got off the train a stop before me and, just for caution's sake (as it is rather illegal to take things from trains that are supposed to be, y'know, attached to them), I put the sign on the back-facing side of my backpack. But I swear, as soon as I got into the station, there were like ten cops milling about looking very investigative and suspicious.

So, any stories of your own? General thoughts on paranoia?
22 Feb 2004
Well, as of 1 1/2 hours ago UK time, the Other Side forums are a year old.

It's weird to think of just how much this place has changed over the past year, in nearly every possible way. It's hard to think that in a little less than three days, I'LL have been here for a year.

Well, I'm more than glad that I'm here. Thanks to all of you for making this place such a great place to be in. smile.gif
25 Dec 2003
Dear Mata,

I'm writing this just to say 'thank you' for everything that you've done. As we've all said so many times, this forum really is a family and it couldn't have existed without you. I can't put in words how happy i am that i'm part of a forum like this. This place is the 'home-away-from-home' of sorts for so many people (including me). I've met so many great people here that i couldn't even begin to list all of you. And i would never have met any of you were it not for you, your amazing animations, and the forum itself.

You're an animating genius, an amazing person in so many ways, and i can't even begin to thank you enough for this forum and how well you've run it. Merry Christmas, Mata! smile.gif

24 Dec 2003

ok, so it's not dedicated to me. but it's the CHURCH OF THE GERBIL!

you know you love it. seriously, read through the whole site. it is IMPOSSIBLE not to love/laugh with (and not AT) this religion

and thanks to cand for showing this to me biggrin.gif

anyways, i've decided to start a church of the gerbil! (with me as the obvious leader)

any converts?
oh, and it's not required, but it is recommended that you be baptized on the CoG website smile.gif

current Church of the Gerbil member list:

gerbilfromhell: THE Gerbil
candice: gerbil queen
acidteardrop: evil gerbil
jaq: Hakim
sammi: (insert title here)
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