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Oh wow I am so hungry right now. But I am saving myself for chinese takeaway.

Sort of. I found a malteaser on the floor that's been there for certain a month at least.

I eated it.
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4 Jul 2008
Audrey Niffenegger's magnificent book The Time Traveler's Wife is a favourite of mine and of many people on these boards. Pretty much everyone in fact. Everyone except Cand, and we know she's wrong so we can just ignore her here I think.

Point is, they're turning it into a movie and that sucks. I'm not saying it can't be turned into a good film; The Lord of the Rings, Fight Club and every odd numbered Harry Potter film prove that films can be just as enjoyable as the work they're adapted from. I'm just saying there should be an extremely strict process for deciding who is allowed to work on these projects.

For example, Hayden Christiansen is no longer allowed to play angsty sci-fi antiheroes. Star Wars and Jumper proved that he is not a good choice for Case in Neuromancer. Equally, Eric Bana is not allowed to be in The Time Traveler's Wife. His name makes me think of Hulk (fail) and Troy (epic fail), films I'd rather forget.

See, I started out trying to make this a noble post about artistic purity against overwhelming commercialism but quickly realised I just wanted to rant about them not asking me before adapting a book I like and then I threw a Neuromancer reference in to get Mata on my side.
6 Jun 2008
Guys, you know the big events of the online calendar: NaNoWriMo, Talk Like A Pirate Day... uh, probably some others.. well, last year Blog Like The End Of The World showed up and it kind of rocked. So it's happening again this year and all of youse with blogs and journals and webcomics and things should for serious join in.

On June 13th, blog like zombies have arisen and it's the end of the world. I know, it was zombies last year. A different apocalypse would be nice, but zombies are still fun.

Last year it was hosted by My Elves Are Different but this year Blue Moon Rising have taken over. Please join in. Link to your blog here if you intend to so we can read your last words.
11 Mar 2008

So a recent report on British Citizenship suggests that we (the British) are losing our sense of national pride and one method to get it back would be to have schoolchildren swear oaths of allegiance to Queen and Country.

I, for one, am wholeheartedly against this idea. In fact, let's split it into two ideas:

1. An oath of allegiance to the Queen.
2. An oath of allegiance to the Country.

Number 2. is the trickier of the two, so let's deal with it first. I like to mess with your preconceptions of ordered lists. An oath of allegiance to the country means what, that you won't commit treason? That seems both fair enough and rather redundant. If you're going to commit treason you probably won't mind that your first act is to break that oath. So maybe the oath would go deeper than that, and you'd swear to defend your country. Well, that seems to me a little like conscription through emotional blackmail. And if the oath goes any deeper than that then I think the government is starting to tell people how they should think and that is totally not cool.

And on the subject of point 1., I firmly believe that the monarchy is a giant waste of money. I'm told the Queen has this wonderful dry wit and is quite a nice person, and nice and witty wins my respect, but not my allegiance. We don't need a symbolic figurehead and if we do, we should get to choose who represents us.

I am down with some of the other ideas. Less tuition fees for students who do volunteer work - fine. Council Tax Rebates for people who do volunteer work in the community - no problem. National Britishyness Day - no, I think we can give that one a pass.

How do you guys feel about this?
27 Feb 2008
Apparently there was this big earthquake off the coast of Kent earlier today, and we here in Norfolkland just got aftershocks or something. It was awesome. My bed started shaking like a rollercoaster ride and guys.. earthquake! For win!

Anyone else get hit?
22 Feb 2008

I didn't like Akira when I watched it. I realise this is probably an unforgivable sin, but while visually it looked really impressive, I found it lacking. But I figure a lot of you are big fans of it and I'm curious as to your reactions to the news that DiCaprio is going to produce a live action remake of it?
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