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23 Aug 2006
A most terrible and extreme case of Treacher-Collins afflicted this young girl, Juliana Wetmore; born without a face, this li'l cleft princess is now three years old.

Now, personally, I think it's a horrible thing to let an infant born with such awful deformities to live, putting it through so many procedures and operations for the sake of what? America's so-called Culture Of Life? "Miracles"? Gah. Don't get me started. And the parents starting this website to parade their adorable little abomination to the world. Christ.

But as the parents are putting the little monster through these torturous processes, and as she's on the internets for all to enjoy, I can only presume that one day she will be out in the world, doing whatever it is scary melty-faced people do. What kind of career will little Juliana have? Will she ever find love? Will science ever cure her, or will she yet be carried off to Heaven? Maybe she's too ugly for even Jesus to love, I don't know.

Anyway. Here's Juliana auditioning to bein Guns 'n' Roses! Enjoy!

23 Aug 2006
Because let's face it, who wouldn't want to watch

In the singularly titled "Gayniggers From Outer Space," Cpt. B. Dick and his crew of gay crusaders from the planet Anus, a member in good standing of the Federation of Gay Planets, happen upon a remote and primitive world called Earth, whose surface is inexplicably covered with dangerous "female creatures." Anything at all could be going on down there, perhaps even the dreaded "kissing" our heroes have read about! For the sake of Earth's men, the Gayniggers decide to dispose of the female creatures and show the planet the error of its ways.

Thanks to Lost Silver, anyone can purchase this, and other titles including Spermula, Disco Beaver From Outer Space and Mr. No-Legs!

This is my first stop for Christmas gifts this year, I swears.
20 Apr 2006
After five years, Tool are finally ready to release 10,000 Days. The album has leaked, and I have to say I'd be disappointed if it wasn't what I was expecting; Lateralus II. In the last five years, Tool have learnt no new tricks. Still, at least they haven't regressed like Trent Reznor.

To be fair, there are some strong tracks here; the first half in particular rocks like a bastard, and dovetails neatly into brooding, quasi-religious pieces, complete with chanting and harmonic guitars. The Pot opens with MJK showing off some of his expanded vocal abilities, last heard on the APC album Thirteenth Step, but, like too much of this album, it drags. And the album does seriously drag; by the time Intension rolls around to doing something a wee bit different, with more electronic-sounding atmospherics, I was past caring, and the track was too damn long and didn't really do much in the time it took.

Ho well. It's better than that sodding APC covers album, anyway. Hopefully they'll play a good selection of old stuff on tour.
14 Apr 2006
This is the neeeewwws.

Up to 14% of teenagers self-harm, but half of the 25 who described themselves as Goths had done so, reported the British Medical Journal.

Most self-harmed before becoming a Goth, suggesting they chose the subculture because they felt their emotional distress would be understood.

Goths favour black clothing

Crikey! Whoda thunkit?
28 Mar 2006
Julian Cope:

...all I did was compare suicide bombers to 15-year-old My Chemical Romance fans, being similarly self-pitying, self-obsessed, solipsistic and misunderstood:

Oh you just dont take my God seriously, Im gonna kill myself and take you all with me!

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