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9 Aug 2005
i have a friend who cuts themself. i've tried many many times to help them stop, but no matter what i do, it only seems to get worse. i've tried helping him see he isnt a horrible person, etc..
does anyone have any advice for me on how to help this person? im just worried of losing a very good friend..

thanks guys
29 Jun 2005
this might have already been a topic, and if so im sorry, but do you agree with the war in iraq?
17 Jun 2005
this is my first real post, and i dont usually go all out like this, but i realized something, and this seems like the place to say it. im on other forums, but

i just got out of the hospital. i was there for 10 days because i had to get an 8 hour surgery. i have MRKH, and for the past year i have done nothing but feel sorry for myself. i cant have babies, i couldnt have sex, i hated myself and everything about my life. i've been through a year of not sleeping, cutting, crying, not going to school because i couldnt face people, losing the man i love, twice, and having my friend stab me in the back the worst way she could, and i've realized something.

i really dont have it that bad.

there were kids at childrens hospital, that are losing there skin, there was a 9 year old who has had three strokes since april, there was a 7 year old baby who was raped for gods sake.. and they are going to be messed up forever. there was a girl across the hall from me that i hadn't seen since middle school, and she is going to be in the hospital for a month with Cistic Fibrosis.

im fine. everything with me is fine now. im depressed, and i have a lot to get through, but im not going to die. i have friends and family who love me, and im still alive. im a fairly healthy 18 year old girl. im getting ready to go to college. i have everything to look forward to in my life.

i realized today, that its not easy to get over certain things, but if you dont start looking at the brighter side of life, your life is going to pass you by before you even know it.

sorry if it seems like im preaching. im not trying to. i just wanted to tell people what i realized, and this seemed like as good a place as any. im not saying that no one has the right to be depressed, because hell, im still fairly bad off.. i just figure its a place to start..

thanks for listening.
4 Jun 2005
i just joined, and it said to come here and stuff.. so here i am.

my name is mary.. i play percussion.. a lot.. im getting ready to go to college in august, im 18.. i have MRKH. if you dont know what it is, look it up or something. or dont. um.. yeah. wanna know anything else? ask me.
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