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torn love notes
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i am a drummer for a band called Stones on Sunday.
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22 Nov 2006
I live in the states and the Muse Hulabaloo soundtrack was not released here.
The cheapest i can find it for is $50.
can anyone find it for cheaper for me and have it mailed somehow?
credit card transactions are fine with me
11 Jun 2006
Tonight is the night we fight.

Tonight it the night we engage in something beautiful.

Tonight is the night to end all.

Will you be there?

Eh this prose totally sucksIm getting weary.

Someone pray for me.

Sometimes I kind of feel like dying.is that all so weird and bad?

Thank you, all of you who have given so much to me.

I love you guys.

Man, has the world come to?

All this Drama and pointless shit.

Its starting to bug me

All these pointless ideas gathered into one.

Hmmmmm. Maybe this can turn into something.

Hey you, thanks for treating me like crap. And taking advantage of how much I love you.

Yeah You know who you are.

Too bad there is someone new in my head.

But I do commend you. You really know how to put a guy where you want him.


Whatever dude. Im sick of all this teenage mellow drama.

When will all of you just grow the fuck up?

What someone does in their life is none of your business.


Just kidding.

Does this all make sense to you?

Cuz to me its all a collage of nothing.

Fuck the liar and the cheater. Fuck the annoying preppy girl. Fuck the bitch who started all this shit.

Why are most girls such bitches?

I like the sweet and delicate ones. The girls that make you smile. Whose hug is always warm. Who are forgiving.

I learned my lesson. Im gonna take a stand next time.

Guys are cool. Guys are my best friends. Haha. So many good times. With all of you prank phone calls, good music.

Awesome food.

Damn, my mom is a good cook.

What the hell am I saying?

I kind of miss being a little kid, cartoons on Saturday mornings. Chocolate Ice cream after every meal. Why did we grow up so fast? Into immature little bitches. Into backstabbing pricks.IntoThe big kids.

But life is so long. Arent we still little kids?

Stop faking your smiles. Theyre meaningless. Smiles were meant to be real you artificial bitch.

I like that songplay it one more time and let the new ones be just as good. We dont want economy class music.

Sing it well and have a colorful strum pattern.

Might I say youre extremely beautiful!

Dont let it go to your head. Personality counts more.

Getting wasted...smokingits all so stupid.

You wouldnt let me kill you, would you?

Would you kill yourself?

Pshh. How stupid of me. You already are!

How many more promises do you intend on breaking?

That dress looks great on you

Except for its a little too revealing.

I love you man. Thanks for always being tight and staying true.

On the floor starring at my ceilinglistening to the lullaby of a band singingyelling whispering sweet nothings

About some girl who is beautiful, perfect, nice, funny, I would really like to meet this girl of wonders.

Hey Godyoure really cool.

Man your battle stations; this will be a tough fight.


But dont worry; Im on your side

Thank you my darling. You have given me a gift greater than anyone has ever given me.

This smile on my face was drawn by you.

And the laughter in my voice, well, you tickled my heart.

Haha. This over substantial joy has distraught me from all my worries. I thank you so much.

Oh wow. I didnt realize this for a moment, but I havent been this joyful for months!

How long will this last?

Am I being foolish with my hopes so high?

Oh I just cant wait to hold you in my arms.

Run. Keep running and dont you ever stop. Run to safety and come back when youre ready.

I mean, who is the coward? The one who runs at the sight of danger unprepared and afraid to die?

Or the egotistical maniac who stays and dies afraid of being a coward?

Unmask yourself!

Insolent child!

Standing in the grass let the wind fall, spiral, crash against my face.

This my friend, is what you call bliss perfection.

The sun is down. The tide is high. Yes sir. Life in the backseat.

Soak up the wind and let the rain dry you off.

When will that make sense?

No! This cant ever end. Please dont go. I swear Ill hold you tight.

My shoulders pretty comfortable; I guess you could rest your head on it.

And your hand? It fits mine just right.

Dont worry kid, I wont run away.

Youre welcome. Why, yes, yes I do know you never said thank you, but I believe its in order.

Isnt it?

Stop saying that you love me. Thats such obvious bullshit. Youre so moronic. You have not the slightest idea of what it is to love. Take it from someone who knows. Im tired of you. When will you learn to leave me alone?

I hope you know that I have my own problems too. Most likely of far more complexity than yours. But since I mean

So much to you. Ill stick around.

Dude youre so fucking awesome.

Really? Me too?


Rock the masses!

Hahah. You may think Im silly for saying this, but I want to cradle you in my arms and spin in circles.

Yes darling, I am speaking to you. Go ahead and smile.
5 May 2006
I know that chocolate has endorphins, but it doesn't suffice.
What other foods have natural endorphins?
5 May 2006
I was wondering if anyone knew of some cool sites with ACCURATE music theory,perferably drums guitar piano or xylphone, but other instruments would be interesting too.
26 Sep 2005
I tell her I love her, I do everything for her. Yet she doesn't understand how much I love her. I believe ohters probably have had the same problem. Any advice? unsure.gif
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