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20 Mar 2007
Hi everyone, I don't post too often, but some of the recent news reports on the events in London recently have got my brain up to full operating speed...

For those who don't know, a sixth teenager was stabbed to death in less than a week, and the British national news and media have sensationalized events yet again, with far too many knee-jerk reactions across the board.

I've been reading the posts put on the BBC's own website by members of the public, cries of the decline in civilization, feral youths roaming the streets, of American gang culture being at fault, and most disturbingly, an awful lot of thinly veiled racist comments. Now, I've been following the stories/reports/shit-storm for a few reasons... I grew up in a city where carrying a knife was, I'm sad to say, common. I also used to live in the area of London where all of this is taking place.

Some say this is the fault of lack of discipline in schools, absentee fathers, our culture of me, me, me.
Others say it's a black problem. (These comments surprise me... no-one has dibs on violence. We're all capable.)
I'd like to hear the good folks of this forum's considered thoughts and opinions on the matter, from what they believe to be the causes, to perhaps even some ideas on possible solutions... I'll leave it there for now, but I'm really curious about what you guy's think/feel.
15 Nov 2006
I've had a cunning idea...

Years ago, I used to play a fair few role playing games, everything from good old Dungeons & Dragons, Vampire, Cyberpunk 2020 to Shadowrun... One player I knew invented a spell that turned bones to brandy (Funny and disturbing), and I had a bad habit of playing sneaky dark elves who were always laughing maniacally at inappropriate moments... And just recently have been hankering for a game!

So the purpose of this post is just to find out if anybody else has fond memories of swashbuckling adventures, trying to do an elven accent, and how you'd pronounce menzoberranzan, and then, maybe, seeing if there'd be enough interest for a Matazone online pbm game?
14 Oct 2006
Just been perusing the trailer for Zak Snyder's version of Frank Miller's The 300, and... Wow!

It's done in the Sin City style, and is Frank's take on the famous battle of Thermopylae where the titular 300 Spartans made their last stand against the overwhelming odds of the Persian army.

I'm so looking forward to it! tongue.gif

(I'm probably also swayed by the use of NIN on t' soundtrack)

Spartans! Tonight, we dine in hell!!
26 Sep 2005
I'm fairly heavily tattoo'ed, some of them are pretty bad, some not...
I've always been facinated by tattoo's and the reasoning behind them, I grew up in a
forces town and nearly everyone I came into contact with had them so they were not all
that unusual to me.
As I got older, I realized that tattoo's had various negative conotations, that only
certain types of people had them... criminals, soldiers, bikers that kinda thing...

Recently I've noticed that any social stigma attached to tattooing and piercing has
pretty much gone, Just look at how many celebrities sport ink now!

To some its a pretty spiritual, thought-out process, to others it's just fashion thing.

Now, I like tattoos, but some times you gotta wonder why some people get them...
For instance I saw a chap today with the Cyber-dog logo tattooed on the back of his
skull! Just an average looking fella, but, the thing is, it wasn't straight.
Just kinda lopsided on his head....

So, I was wondering what's other peoples views? And, if you've got em, what have
you got and why? Whats too much or over the top? Got any really cool stuff or stuff
that wasn't thought out properly and thats why you've always got long sleeves on?
Do they have a story behind them or are the just pleasing to the eye?

I'll start the ball rolling... I've got a really bad tattoo of a rose, now i'ts supposed to
be a kinda art deco style thing and I wanted it to be purple...
But I get the piss taken for having a pink smoosh on my upper arm!
6 Sep 2005
Ok, I'm sure I'm gonna take flak for some of this, but...

Many moons ago, when I were a lad, there seemed to be all kinda little tribes and depending on what you were into, it was a good gauge of who you were.

Now, I'm not really trying to argue that we need labels or small minded people judging us by our appearance or tastes, but there seemed to be more of a community feel to it all.. I mean, we're kind of a community right?

This is what I mean:

Goths: likes poetry, haunted castles, wearing black, back-combed hair, the cure, the sisters...

Crusties: likes dreadlocks, tye-dyed clothes, fire breathing, the levellers, new model army...

Cyberpunks: likes poopers, caffine, hot wiring anything, bleepy music...

Townies: generally try to aggravate anyone not the same as them...

I could carry on for hours, but I'm sure i'm already testing some folks patience...
I guess my point is that when folks come into my record store now, I'm getting an awful lot of abuse and attitude from people I thought I had something in common with!

There's a gang of what the locals call " Gothics " now in the last few months they've stolen from me, vandalized my shop, attacked passers by, even tried to start a fight with me... the list just goes on!

Whats going on? We all used to look out for each other, the alternative lifstyles, no matter what their diffrences, there was a sense of belonging.

Are these the ramblings of a past it old codger? I'd like to think not!
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