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It's warm, and why am I in this handbasket?
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Reading, writing, drawing, wreaking havoc. Hm...Lurking, punning, learning, wishing, you name it. Don't want anything to do with ignorant savages (i.e. the nasty mean sort...racists, sexists, most other "ists" with negative connotations.) I'm inflicted with an overly active curiousity gland, so if I don't know about something, I'll be happy to learn about it.
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5 Apr 2003
So People started coming in and claiming minions, or those with fewer posts than they had but who still posted enough to "count" ( tongue.gif is all I can say to that) . Gerbilfromhell decided he was Grand Uber Highest Poster Gawd or somesuch since he's got finger spasms and can't keep from typing for 2 seconds at a time. (Darn shame he pm'd me and said he's gone til Tuesday....get yer post count up whilst you can, hehehe!)

Anyway, back on topic... people claiming minions, yadda yadda... So on a whim I made up the term anti-minion and staked my claim on Gerbilfromhell's mangy little pelt, making him my anti-minion (see siggy). He wanted to know what that meant, exactly. Poor devil...

OK, from what I see n00bs are new people to the board who don't know much or at least are just fresh meat for all you jaded freaks out there (and I mean that as a compliment, rofl). Anti-n00bs seem to be the moldie oldies of the boards, the ones who are experienced and know more than they probably should about archaic posts, resurrecting forgotten topics, and the like. Minions are ones who've posted a fair amount but are just out of n00bdom ( I think), so logically an anti-minion is one who's posted more than Michael Jackson's had facelifts and who has been around for a LONG time. I chose Gerbil for the simple fact it's become my personal goal to see just whether or not I can pester him through subtlety eventually or if he's teflon coated (i.e. oblivious) and imperturbable. I also have one of the lowest post counts here, which makes my choice even better.

*rubs her hands together evilly* Yes...yes....soon my plan will come to fruition...muahahaha! Er...*cough* sorry...
30 Mar 2003
Whaaaaah! My sweetie just told me he didn't like the Snowdrop & Mittens animations! *sob, weep* What should I do? I was considering bearing this man's children someday! *sniff*
29 Mar 2003
hamsters are still cooler because they don't have organized religion behind them. Just WHAT are you up to when not posting?!
28 Mar 2003
Heya kids & kids-at-heart! I first ran across the random oddity of Snowdrop and Mittens about a year or so ago through a link from someone's online diary and it warped my fragile, pure little mind to such a degree that I am now utterly addicted. It's a darn shame that such blatant corruption is allowed to run rampant on the internet, and it's just unfair that there's no 12 step program to free the innocent casualties of this Mata person's warped imagination. It's obvious this person wishes to overtake the world, or at least their local streetcorner.

*sighs semi-tragically*

It's gotten so bad that I generally spam links to the first Mittens & Snowdrop 'toon to anyone who speaks to me for longer than 30 seconds. What's worse, is most who know me start calling ME Mittens after they have been hooked and watch all the cat 'toons! I used to be a fine, upstanding individual, happy with my diet of Wonder Bread and Tab! I was satisfied with collecting pencils and beanie babies! Now, due to this Mata person's obviously evil and sadistic need to enslave humanity, I find I must seek out curry, alcohol, and colored paperclips! BAH!

In the spirit of the country I live in, I take no personal responsability in any of this. It's all Mata's fault, or maybe it's Mata's mother's fault for not spanking her child often enough. Regardless, I blame you all for continuing the madness as well.

So there.


P.S. And what's with this whole Vodka Imp enslavement movement? Imps should have rights too! Perhaps there should be an Impish Liberation Movement....or would that be Impish Libation Movement? I get so confused...
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